February 24 – March 1, 2024

LATEST 26 February, 2024

Hundreds battle Beaufort bushfire in Victoria's west

Firefighters have overnight battled an out-of-control bushfire near Beaufort in Victoria’s west that …

Work from home rights to be tested

Working from home rights is shaping up to be the next major industrial relations political stoush, with …

Dozens killed in Rafah shelling

Finance Minister Katy Gallagher has reiterated the Australian government’s opposition to an Israeli …

Russia demands Navalny’s secret burial

The mother of Alexei Navalny has claimed Russian authorities are “blackmailing” her over the burial …

Rolfe objects to line of questioning as inquest resumes

The coronial inquest into the death of Kumanjayi Walker has resumed, with former NT police constable …


Image for article: Labor’s grants revive pork-barrelling criticism
Image for article: Assange’s last stand at British High Court
Defence Minister Richard Marles with sailors on HMAS Canberra at Fleet Base East, Sydney.
Yanya Plibersek in parliament
Image for article: The legal battle for freedom of information
Palestinians carry bags of flour from an aid truck near an Israeli checkpoint in Gaza City.


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The sorcerer’s apprentice

Peter Dutton was elected to parliament in 2001. He was born inside one of John Howard’s worst lies. He benefited directly from the outrage of children overboard and the shame of the Tampa. This is how it began.


Vanishing cash

Is Kangaroo Island our Panama? (Karen Middleton, “Money for PNG asylum seekers vanishes amid corruption scandal”, February 17-23) “A contract with ...  Paladin Holdings PTE Ltd ... …

Votes for justice

In his assessment of Labor’s prospects for multi-term government, Bill Kelty (“Labor’s way forward”, February 17-23) devotes half a paragraph to a sneering dismissal of the Greens as a …

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Image for article: Sydney Brutalism

Heidi Dokulil
Sydney Brutalism

Image for article: Tidelines

Sarah Sasson

Image for article: Who Owns the Moon?

A. C. Grayling
Who Owns the Moon?


Image for article: Vine leaf dumpling salad with bitter leaves, honey and thyme


Vine leaf dumpling salad with bitter leaves, honey and thyme

A young woman with a blonde fringe and holding a mug in her hand.


Victoria’s mental health system is dangerous

Victoria’s mental health royal commission has done little to fix a deeply flawed system. As someone who has been traumatised by the available care, the author says the first step towards repair is to value the insights of those with firsthand experience.   

Taylor Swift wearing a purple dress on stage.


The exclusionary empowerment of Taylor Swift

The success and scale of Taylor Swift’s Australian tour reflects the country’s unresolved relationship with class, gender and race.


Enzo Ferrari: the man and the movie

In Michael Mann’s biopic Ferrari, the motor racing legend’s fatalism and obsession with winning is hauntingly portrayed. But does it fully capture the callousness of his ambition?

Enzo Ferrari at the funeral of driver Alfonso de Portago, in May 1957.




“A false historical narrative is given to subliminally convey the notion that homosexuality was acceptable …”

Dimitris NatsiouThe far-right politician criticises the Netflix series Alexander: The Making of a God. Men should be able to have sex with their best friend Hephaestion without having a streaming giant (Hephaestion’s nickname) insinuating they were gay.


“If he does not have funds to pay off the judgement, then we will seek judgement enforcement mechanisms in court …”

Letitia JamesThe New York state attorney-general says she will seize Donald Trump’s assets if he does not pay a US$355 million fraud penalty. Who would have thought it would take the American justice system to prove the existence of karma?


“I think I’m done.”

Brad BanducciThe Woolworths chief executive walks out of an interview with Four Corners. His share price agreed.


“The journey we’re on will take time …”

Vanessa HudsonThe Qantas chief executive delivers her first half-yearly results, showing a 13 per cent fall in net profit. The journey will take time – or be cancelled at the last minute with no explanation.


“It would be a genuine distraction from the true functions that this court has been entrusted to perform.”

Luke OfficerThe lawyer for Zachary Rolfe explains why his client should not be forced to answer questions that would incriminate him. Distraction is not the word that comes to mind.


“You’re off to Taylor Swift.”

Anthony AlbaneseThe prime minister gives away concert tickets on radio. Next he’ll be promising lemonade in the bubblers.