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Cruel and unusual punishment

I am a nearly 70-year-old nurse and I have never been so ashamed of this country and the behaviour it is currently showing. From allowing animals to be put on a ship and sent to countries that we probably suspect do not treat them in a humane way (Martin McKenzie-Murray, “The system driving live animal exports”, April 14–20) to treating refugees with a cruelty that is incomprehensible to me. Your article on the Kurdish widower Sadoullah Malakooti fills me with despair for this country and the so-called Australian values (Abdul Karim Hekmat, “All designed to fail you”, April 14–20). Peter Dutton and his department appear to have made the system so complicated and the rules nonsensical. That it took five years for Sadoullah to be interviewed and then not to be granted protection visas along with how many others in the same limbo is not what I would call Australian values, but then again obviously I am wrong.

– Kerry Stokes, Montrose, Vic

Pulling police into line

And still it goes on (Marcia Langton, “Tough on crime fighters”, April 14–20). There is a strong case for a royal commission into police brutality. Justice is not being done in this country. We have a long record of injustice which I do not want to see perpetuated for anyone. Consider the scenes televised at the Commonwealth Games this week. Wasn’t that police brutality? What’s the full story there? I don’t want to live in an impending police state endorsed by self-seeking politicians.

– Vanessa Toomey, Bellevue Hill, NSW

South Pacific security

The nonsense being hawked recently about Vanuatu by our China haters doesn’t surprise me (Hamish McDonald, “Sand castle”, April 14–20). How many of them have seen for themselves what Vanuatu and China are really like now – or are they armchair generals fighting the last war and not the next? Where were they when a serious earthquake occurred recently in Papua New Guinea and we virtually ignored it? We didn’t hear much about Australian aid then. Must we wait until somebody sets up military bases in PNG before we show any enthusiasm?

– Mick Bennett, Rossmore, NSW

Follow the people’s action

We need to distinguish between community disillusionment and a media storm (about cricket) and community outrage (about the environment), however hard the latter is to broadcast (Karen Joynes, Letters, April 7–13). Did you report the 10,000 people who marched through Sydney on March 24 over their concern for the environment? I love your paper but I have to steel myself each week to read it. Could you please include more articles on what people are doing to counteract the problems we mourn? Maybe if we hear more about action, in addition to your excellent analyses of the problems, we can help row against the current, or at the very least encourage those who have the vision and mettle to do so.

– Rosamond Madden, Mosman, NSW

Focusing on food waste will help

A sure way to reduce the suffering of animals bred for the live export trade is to reduce food waste. Globally, we could reduce waste by one third by shopping for, cooking and ordering at restaurants only as much as is needed to live healthily. This does not necessitate an abolition of our taste for meat, yet it could mitigate the quantity of cruel upbringing and long ship journeys endured by food animals. The ultimate disrespect for nonhuman life is thoughtlessly wasting what we kill to eat. Even animals euthanised without pain and suffering do not deserve to go into landfill or be discarded into the ocean.

– Joseph Ting, Carina, Qld

The PM and Jason Phu

Mike Puleston (“Not a fan”, Letters, April 14–20), each to his own. I love the cartoons of the “hapless” Malcolm Turnbull with his thinning hair and the deep lines in his forehead, which seem to be deeper since he became PM.

 – Susan Munday, Bentleigh East, Vic

The PM and Paul Bongiorno

The Saturday Paper certainly enriches my understanding of our troubled world. Perhaps, thanks to Paul Bongiorno’s article (“Forum or against?”, April 7–13) it may also enrich our vernacular. I suggest the addition of “Turnbull’s luck”, between “Murphy’s law” and “Buckley’s chance”.

– Stephen Schafer, Leichhardt, NSW

A milestone birthday

Congratulations on your 200th edition – 200 issues of great journalism plus Mungo MacCallum’s quirky crosswords. Always a treat. 

– Vicky Marquis, Glebe, NSW

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