Counting the dead

Margaret Indich (38)

Antonia Tatchell (43)

Amelia Blake (22)

Nancy Barclay (83)

Nowra Khatib (61)

Unnamed Woman (41)

Radmila Stevanovic (65)

Sally Rothe (54)

Le Ngoc Le (77)

Marija Karovska (51)

Unnamed Woman (20)

Kerrie Keath (68)

Katherine Daley (29)

Simone Fraser (57)

Unnamed Woman (59)

Teah Luckwell (22)

Kay Dix (71)

Unnamed Woman (62)

Cecilia Haddad (38)

Unnamed Woman (46)

Debbie Combarngo (37)

Katrina Miles (35)

Cynda Miles (58)

Karen Ashcroft (52)

Unnamed Woman (37)

Unnamed Woman (46)

Caroline Willis (69)

Unnamed Woman (69)

Qi Yu (28)

Eurydice Dixon (22)


Research by Destroy The Joint and Counting Dead Women Australia. Known deaths due to violence against women in Australia in 2018.

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Jun 23, 2018 as "Counting the dead".

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