Millers Point residents challenge Barangaroo casino in court

Anne Davies
A Land and Environment Court challenge to James Packer’s proposed casino tower at Barangaroo may yet turn the odds against the Crown Resorts proposal.

The future for retail giant David Jones

Renée Schultes
Now in South African hands and with its headquarters set to relocate from Sydney’s CBD to the Melbourne suburbs, David Jones is seeking ways to stay ahead of the retail curve.

Inside the $100b charities bubble

Mike Seccombe
The first reports on the charity sector reveal staggering duplication and a nation less willing to give than it likes to imagine.

Woolworths fighting back for supermarket supremacy

Renée Schultes
Under a new CEO, Woolworths is fighting to regain competiveness with duopoly rival Coles, just as discounter Aldi appears set to transform the market.

Focus on air quality after Volkswagen data trickery

Caroline Falls
The Volkswagen diesel scandal is shining a spotlight on the importance of monitoring and managing potentially deadly exhaust emissions in Australia.

Q&A with Stephen FitzGerald, Australia's first China ambassador

Hamish McDonald
As both sides of politics tussle over the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement, the father of diplomatic relations with Beijing laments our current lack of vision when dealing with Asia.

Hesta’s Transfield dumping highlights ethical focus

Mike Seccombe
Borrowing lessons from fossil fuel divestment, a group of activists and investment funds are using the sharemarket in an attempt to shape refugee policy.

Inside controversial rideshare firm Uber’s radical model

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Rideshare company Uber’s aggressive fight against the taxi industry and the tax office has caught governments off guard.

Cheap land beyond city limits locked up by zoning

Megan Anderson
First-time property buyers look for affordable land beyond city limits, but find flood risk and prohibitive zoning regulations.

Power games in the electricity industry

Sophie Morris
The tax arrangements keeping electricity prices high.

Supermarket forces

Mike Seccombe
Calls are mounting for Coles and Woolworths to have their ruthless conduct with suppliers and competition practices more closely scrutinised.

The power of the electricty market

Martin McKenzie-Murray
A senate inquiry is pending into the long-flawed system delivering rising electricity prices.

Turbulent times as Qantas fights for survival

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Poor decision-making by the powers that be and decades of stoic resistance to change have sent Qantas’s fortunes into a tailspin.

New mail models impact Australia Post

Mark Skulley
Headlines tell us Australia Post is in dire straits and drastic action is needed. But are the figures being posted really that bad?

Super funds benefit from corporate tax avoidance

Mike Seccombe
While most are appalled by stories of corporate tax avoidance, we are also enjoying the benefits through investment in these companies by our super funds.

EU pain persists

Kirsty Simpson
Commonsense on bankers’ salaries. Crowdfunding. Domestic growth.

The buried treasures of corporate tax avoidance

Mike Seccombe
Tony Abbott has paid lip service to tax reform, but his government’s latest measures only serve to make corporate avoidance easier.

Lenders urged to remain cautious

Kirsty Simpson
Household stress keeps rising; a toast to the Bordeaux index; selling products to the over-85s.

Bumper floats

Kirsty Simpson
ASX has had its biggest week for floats in five months; Iron ore dives; real wages have fallen.

Housing should not be left to states: HIA

Kirsty Simpson
Housing should not be left to states, says HIA. All quiet on the home front. Burgernomics not better with Coke. Leighton takeover makes final stage.

Exposing privileged trading

Martin McKenzie-Murray
How two uni mates ended up at the centre of a multimillion-dollar insider trading scandal.

The upsides to extending the pension age

Kirsty Simpson
Extending the pension age; big four earnings hit $14.7 billion; the downsides of global community; Alibaba set to steal limelight.

Cracks in PM Abbott and Treasurer Hockey's deficit levy

Sophie Morris
Blame laying and calls for heavy lifting aside, it’s time for Joe Hockey to take ownership of the economy.

Buyers line up for H&M

Kirsty Simpson
H&M opens; hunger for agribusiness; surges in payday lending.

Federal budget talk all about when cuts will bite

Kirsty Simpson
Budget buzz; pensioners and health targeted; good news for some on costs.