Indigenous Affairs February 24, 2024

Aunty Donnas Kerr
The death of my son, Josh Kerr

Content warning: this piece contains the name of an Aboriginal person who is deceased. The last time I saw my son, Josh, he was in shackles. He’d been let out of prison on leave to attend his Uncle Bruce’s funeral. After the service, as …

IR February 24, 2024

John Hewson
ASIC turmoil exposed

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission is clearly feeling the pressure of scrutiny by the Senate inquiry and consequent media coverage. The parliamentary joint committee embarked on its inquiry into ASIC’s “capacity and capability to …

Immigration February 24, 2024

Chris Wallace
A bad week to be at sea

Once again, on-water matters have overwhelmed national politics. Opposition Leader Peter Dutton is firing broadsides at the Albanese government over border control, while the government tries to right the defence catastrophe it inherited from the Coalition. This …

Economy February 17, 2024

John Hewson
The benchmark for good government

Is it too much to aspire to, that our elections might be decided by which party will deliver the better government? The benchmark against which voters assess parties and candidates should be their capacity to govern well, not short-term political pointscoring, …

Politics February 10, 2024

John Hewson
The broken record of broken promises

Perhaps the biggest irony of the current political situation is the shift by Peter Dutton and his Coalition team from demanding more detail to ducking it. Compare the opposition’s insistent calls for detail on the Voice to Parliament referendum and …

Economy February 17, 2024

Bill Kelty
The need for Labor tax reforms

The federal Labor government has reached a vital crossroad in its journey to success or failure at the next election. It has a real opportunity to win not only the next election but at least one more to meet the average term since 1975, about nine years.  It …

Education February 10, 2024

Jane Caro
“The federal government needs to get serious about properly funding public schools”

“The quasi market-based nature of the Australian education system entrenches disadvantage. Compared to similar Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, Australian schools have some of the highest levels of social …

paul bongiorno

Immigration February 17, 2024

Question Time and political pointscoring

Zali Steggall is not the only independent in the House of Representatives to be frustrated by the fact Question Time has become a largely boring exercise in political pointscoring, something exacerbated by the looming byelection in the Victorian seat …

Politics February 10, 2024

Albanese and Labor roar back to life

Anthony Albanese denies he ever lost his mojo, despite appearances to the contrary in the final months of 2023. And if perceptions are everything in politics, the prime minister is a changed man at the start of 2024. The potentially fatal drift the …

Economy February 3, 2024

The aftermath of the stage three decision

While some in the well-heeled crowd at last Sunday’s Australian Open men’s singles final indulged in the good old ritual of booing the prime minister when his name was announced before the trophy presentation, Treasurer Jim Chalmers was being congratulated …


Editorial February 24, 2024

The sorcerer’s apprentice

Peter Dutton was elected to parliament in 2001. He was born inside one of John Howard’s worst lies. He benefited directly from the outrage of children overboard and the shame of the Tampa. This is how it began.

Editorial February 17, 2024

Assange must be freed

Sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday, Julian Assange will find out if he is to be extradited to the United States. It is likely a plane will be waiting for him. After this decision, there are no other options.

Editorial February 10, 2024

Detention disgrace

For as long as the camps were running, nothing else mattered. Regimes were propped up. Corrupt businessmen were paid. The rule of law was debased. Countries were left to teeter into bankruptcy.


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Letters February 24, 2024

Vanishing cash

Is Kangaroo Island our Panama? (Karen Middleton, “Money for PNG asylum seekers vanishes amid corruption scandal”, February 17-23) “A contract with ...  Paladin Holdings PTE Ltd ... headquartered in a beach shack on Kangaroo Island” received …

Letters February 17, 2024

Remembered promises

The Coalition seems convinced Labor’s altering of the stage three tax cuts gives them an opportunity to win the next election (Karen Middleton, “Peter Dutton: ‘There’s no doubt in my mind that we can win’ ”, February 10-16). Dutton fails …

Letters February 10, 2024

Asylum devastation

John Hewson says he is “embarrassed” by Australia’s offshore detention policy (“Exporting asylum policy”, February 3-9). I am surprised he didn’t say “outraged”, “appalled” or similar other superlatives. Our legacy of outright torture …