politics   November 25, 2023

Albanese dragged to Dutton’s level

The performance of the first-term Albanese government has been marked by an unusual stability and maturity as it settled into the daunting task of guiding the nation. The government has shown a level of competence in sharp contrast to its...

economy   November 25, 2023

Labor needs young voters

Anthony Albanese could end up being a one-term prime minister if he can’t keep the faith with the young people who helped him to last year’s decisive election victory. Recent surveys suggest a cocktail of pandemic-related stresses is forging a...

politics   November 25, 2023

The Albanese doctrine

The labour movement has a long, sometimes proud, history of anti-intellectualism. In 1983, when Bob Hawke proposed the slogan “Reconciliation, Recovery, Reconstruction”, he was met with a blunt assessment from Neville Wran, then the Labor premier of...

editorial   November 25, 2023

Black and white and scared all over

Peter Dutton is first and always a cop. He sees the world in terms of threats and he sees all threats as opportunities. Despite appearances, he is always looking for an angle.

letters   November 25, 2023

Israel–Gaza ceasefire

As Israel continues its relentless bombardment of Gaza and its civilians, the death toll mounts and traumatised, displaced Gazans face the risk of starvation and disease, Penny Wong calls on Israel to exercise restraint and observe international law...

letters   August 26, 2023

Resource cost

There’s little doubt as to why the Minerals Council of Australia (ably assisted by the Coalition and right-wing media) would spruik for nuclear energy in preference to renewable energy (Mike Seccombe, “ Nuclear confusion ”, August 19-25). Nuclear...

video   August 25, 2023

How Australia can get to net zero

Getting to net zero can be done — more importantly, it must be done to avoid cooking the planet.

economy   August 19, 2023

Markets have failed on housing

As someone who has long advocated for relying on market forces whenever possible, it pains me to recognise that market failure has been a major feature of the emerging housing crisis. The failure is apparent in the context of a long-term shift by...

politics   August 19, 2023

Labor pressed for more reform

Labor Party national conferences – Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has seen a few. He’s been going to them all his life. His attendance at this week’s three-day conference in Brisbane, which concludes today, will be as familiar as putting on an old...

editorial   August 19, 2023

Red faces

Refugee policy is Labor’s quiet embarrassment. As much as possible, they would prefer not to talk about it. They know it is wrong but they don’t have the courage to fix it.

education   August 19, 2023

Early learning strategy crucial for kids and the economy

Put crudely, Australia’s economic prosperity is dependent on having more people who do more stuff. Herein lies the conundrum: the more reproductive we are, the less productive we can afford to be. The Productivity Commission is due to hand down its...