Abdul Karim Hekmat

was a finalist for the 2018 Walkley Freelance Journalist of the Year.

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News April 14, 2018

Asylum seekers’ benefits cut by Home Affairs

A Kurdish widower and father of three young girls, Sadoullah Malakooti doesn’t know how he will afford food after his income support was cut by Peter Dutton. Some argue the policy is there to starve out asylum seekers.

News March 17, 2018

Trapped in Nauru

Faisal’s life in Myanmar was destroyed by violence and persecution. Now the Rohingya asylum seeker is in limbo.

News February 25, 2017

Hazara refugee Nabi Zaher’s citizenship fight

The case of a Hazara refugee whose Australian citizenship was arbitrarily delayed and vexatiously questioned serves to highlight the Department of Immigration’s continued administrative bungling.

News October 24, 2015

The death of Khodayar Amini

In the three years before his suicide, Hazara asylum seeker Khodayar Amini says he was twice assaulted by police and was the victim of continual harassment.

News September 05, 2015

Secret freeze on refugee citizenship processes

The government has ceased processing citizenship applications from boat-arrival refugees entitled to become Australians, leaving hundreds in limbo.

News August 08, 2015

How Mohammad Nasim Najafi died in a detention centre

Two weeks after being beaten and placed in a solitary cell, asylum seeker Mohammad Nasim Najafi was dead. These were his last days.

News November 08, 2014

Hazaras face death on return to Afghanistan

An Australian Hazara is killed by the Taliban, our embassy staff fear leaving their Kabul compound, and Scott Morrison continues to return asylum seekers.

News October 04, 2014

Taliban tortures Abbott government deportee

The first Hazara asylum seeker refouled by the federal government was taken by the Taliban inside a month.