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the_briefing March 15, 2017

Fracking and a four-day week

An Adele concert and an energy policy all in one week. Who says nothing ever happens in Adelaide? All eyes are on the $550 million energy package unveiled yesterday by the South Australian Government, and the verdict from the punditocracy is that while …

the_briefing March 14, 2017

18C and energy plans

If you’re looking for leadership in Australian politics, you might have to settle for the state level. The South Australian government will unveil its long-awaited solution to the state’s energy woes today, with Premier Jay Weatherill and Energy Minister …

the_briefing March 13, 2017

Pauline and preference deals

There’s nothing like a bad election result to bring the knives out, and the thumping WA voters handed the Barnett Liberal government on Saturday night was no exception. Today’s front pages and op-ed columns overflow with divinations on the true meaning …

the_briefing March 10, 2017

Colin Barnett and Cabinet reshuffles

Tomorrow Western Australia goes to the polls, and if the betting agencies have it right Premier Colin Barnett will be voted out of office after more than eight years in power. But he’s not going quietly. On the last day of campaigning, the wheels are …

the_briefing March 09, 2017

Climate bodies and coal plants

Good morning. Leading climate think tank and research body the Climate Institute has announced it will be forced to shut its doors come June due to a lack of funding. The institute’s closing will leave a sizeable gap in Australia’s climate policy …

the_briefing March 08, 2017

Farmers and fuel taxes

If you’d said eight years ago that farmers would be pushing for a price on carbon by now, Barnaby Joyce would have made you eat his Akubra. Yet the Finkel review into the security of the electricity market continues to hear from rather unlikely sources …

the_briefing March 07, 2017

Spooks and state casinos

Some days there are too many stories, and some days there’s just one. Fairfax reports that Malcolm Turnbull is quietly considering a massive overhaul of Australia’s immigration and national security departments to create a terrorism-busting super-agency. …

the_briefing March 06, 2017

House prices and Hanson

Good morning, and welcome to The Briefing. Every weekday, I’ll be here making sense of the news and picking the important from the distracting. Here goes. The government has belatedly realised that some Australians do not own multiple investment …