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is Schwartz Media's morning editor, and a former editor of Junkee.

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the_briefing May 15, 2017

Ransomware and returned services

At least one Australian business has been hit by a global malware attack that crippled large parts of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. The ransomware attack, which locks access to a user’s files until they send money to a Bitcoin wallet …

the_briefing May 12, 2017

Budget replies and business taxes

Labor will oppose the government’s efforts to raise the Medicare levy for all taxpayers, cut university funding and tackle housing affordability. Speaking in Parliament last night, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten sought to emphasise ideological and political …

the_briefing May 11, 2017

Media inquiries and Medicare levies

A new cross-party Senate committee will examine the influence of fake news and clickbait on political discourse. Senators Sam Dastyari, Scott Ludlam, Jacqui Lambie and Nick Xenophon announced the formation of the Select Committee on the Future of Public …

the_briefing May 10, 2017

Duelling analysts and dodging pies

The budget is defined by rituals, but few are as solemn or vicious as the traditional morning-after duel between journalists, columnists and commentators for the best post-budget analysis. Thinkpieces at dawn. Over at the Australian, Peta Credlin …

the_briefing May 09, 2017

Budget day and bill hikes

It’s budget day, and outlets are scrambling for exclusives ahead of the annual lock-up. The Australian is reporting that $6 billion will be stripped ($) from the social services budget and other areas to fill the NDIS funding gap, with Cabinet …

the_briefing May 08, 2017

President Macron and private equity

Emmanuel Macron has been elected the next President of France, achieving a decisive victory over the far-right’s Marine Le Pen. Macron garnered an estimated 65.5 per cent of the vote, becoming the youngest President of the Fifth Republic at age 39. …

the_briefing May 05, 2017

Plain packaging and Philip retires

The World Trade Organisation has upheld Australia’s right to restrict cigarette packaging, which the tobacco industry fears will prompt plain packaging laws worldwide. While the decision is not yet public, Bloomberg reports that both parties in the …

the_briefing May 04, 2017

Fairfax strikes and fining Adani

Editorial staff at several Fairfax media outlets have gone on strike for a week to protest a further round of job cuts. Journalists at The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and the Brisbane Times voted for the action after Fairfax …

the_briefing May 03, 2017

Sydney airport and Safe Schools

The federal government’s overhaul of schools funding has had a mixed response from independent schools and the states. Yesterday Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced a 75 per cent increase in recurrent education funding over 10 years, and directed …