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the_briefing September 21, 2017

US accepts first Australian refugees

The United States has agreed to take 54 refugees from Nauru and Manus Island, though details of the transfer are still unclear. A group of 25 refugees from Sudan, Somalia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan was among the first to be told of their successful …

the_briefing September 20, 2017

Paying Rohingyas to return to danger

The federal government has offered to pay Rohingya refugees on Manus Island thousands of dollars each to return to Myanmar. More than 1000 Rohingya have died and 400,000 have fled since the Myanmar government launched a military offensive in the country’s …

the_briefing September 19, 2017

The fruits of ‘respectful debate’

Mental health support groups are scrambling to deal with a spike in demand they attribute to the same-sex marriage postal vote. ReachOut, Beyondblue and Headspace have reported increased need for their services since the campaign began in August. Former …

the_briefing September 18, 2017

NDIS leaves mental health behind

People with severe mental health conditions are being denied access to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Guardian Australia reports that care has been denied to people diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, severe depressive disorders and anxiety, …

the_briefing September 15, 2017

Media ownership laws loosened

Controversial changes to media ownership laws have passed the Senate after the government secured support from the Nick Xenophon Team. Restrictions on media companies owning more than two broadcast mediums in the same city will be scrapped, as will rules …

the_briefing September 14, 2017

Asylum seeker families lose claim

The families of asylum seekers who died in a boat crash off Christmas Island in 2010 have lost a lawsuit against the federal government. At least 50 people drowned when their boat crashed into cliffs off the island after bad weather and high seas made …

the_briefing September 13, 2017

Postal vote protections finalised

New laws rushed through parliament this week will provide legal recourse for people harassed, threatened or vilified during the same-sex marriage postal vote campaign. The protections will enable courts to impose injunctions on offending material and …

the_briefing September 12, 2017

Australia’s prison population soars

Australia’s prison population has hit a new high of 41,200 people, the end result of a 20-year rise in incarceration rates that has seen the number of people in Australian prisons more than double. Figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics …

the_briefing September 11, 2017

Australia’s UN seat bid in peril

The government’s withdrawal of support for hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers is set to impact its bid for a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council. At least 63 refugees and asylum seekers have been issued with the new final departure …