Alyx Gorman
is The Saturday Paper’s fashion editor.

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Fashion December 19, 2015

Alice McCall in Wonderland

Playsuit queen Alice McCall will be the first Australian designer to open a stand-alone boutique in China.

Fashion November 28, 2015

Crocheted swimwear makes a return

Small craft-based businesses lead the revival of a sun-bleached early ’70s classic – crocheted swimwear.

Fashion October 24, 2015

The Australian Fashion Chamber’s global mission

Building the reputation of Australian designers overseas poses tantalising challenges for the local industry’s prospective governing body.

Fashion September 26, 2015

Bassike joins Flannel, Aesop and AUST in LA’s Venice Beach

Australian labels such as Bassike are hitting their mark in LA’s boho-turned-boutique-loving Venice Beach.

Fashion August 22, 2015

Karla Špetić’s gowns n’ roses

From her signature red rose print to being seen on Beyoncé, Karla Špetić has caught the eye without seeking the limelight.

Fashion July 18, 2015

The fashion trend that isn’t fading: the peplum

Styles come and go, but some defy the odds to become long-running trends, such as the ubiquitous peplum.

Fashion June 13, 2015

Strateas.Carlucci’s Paris match

Melbourne designers Strateas and Carlucci are the first Australians to show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

Fashion May 02, 2015

Akira Isogawa’s Eastern red socks

The influential Akira was the only label at Australian Fashion Week’s 20th year that was there at its first.

Fashion April 18, 2015

Australian Fashion Week’s 20th anniversary

Two decades on, Australian Fashion Week shows for north and south.