Andrew McConnell
is the executive chef and co-owner of Cutler & Co and Cumulus Inc.

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Food September 26, 2014

How to dress a favourite crustacean

Subtlety is best when it comes to savouring crab.

Food September 20, 2014

Golden globes

Meet the film stars of the thistle world – artichokes.

Food September 13, 2014

Young at heart

Raspberry jelly and chocolate cookies turn kitchen time into child's play.

Food September 05, 2014

Cloves and shellfishes

Looking for the perfect place to start in the kitchen? Reach for the garlic.

Food August 30, 2014

Broad bean salads set pulses racing

Broadly speaking, there's no finer bean.

Food August 23, 2014

Shakshouka all in the mix

An Arabic breakfast classic

Food August 16, 2014

Leading the roasted lamb shoulder charge

The perfect way to share a joint. Of slow-roasted lamb, that is…

Food August 09, 2014

Miracle curing for gravlax

Enjoy the delights of a Nordic favourite.

Food August 02, 2014

Delicious lime and vanilla bean tart

Looking for something soft and giving? Then try this tart with a heart.