Andrew McConnell
is the executive chef and co-owner of Cutler & Co and Cumulus Inc.

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Food April 01, 2017

Lemon posset with Chantilly cream

I think it’s good to get away from contemporary desserts – gelatines, contemporary flavours. This dessert has its origin in the Middle Ages, and began as a warm milk drink. Eventually it evolved into a dessert that was curdled, often with alcohol. There are other iterations where almonds and egg yolks have been used to thicken the milk or cream. In this recipe, though, the thickening agent is also the flavouring agent: lemon juice.

Food March 25, 2017

Beef tartare, tarragon mayonnaise, fried anchovy

Steak tartare is a very important part of the classic French bistro. Often horse is used. Personally, I prefer the beef. I’ve eaten quite a few versions, using various cuts of meat. I’ve seen it with an aged piece of beef, but I prefer to use fresh cuts. The tenderness is not an issue because you’re dicing the meat anyway, and you add so many flavours that the ageing becomes kind of redundant.

Food March 18, 2017

Warm salad of zucchini, leek, smoked butter and bottarga

One of the best ways to cook zucchinis is over coals. I usually split them down the middle and cook them on the cut side only. I cook them until they are al dente, if that term can apply to more than pasta. I season the cut side for 15 minutes before I put them on the coals, and then cook until they are golden. From there, they can be sliced and dressed with most vinegars and any manner of European herbs.

Food March 11, 2017

Spiced racks

Racks of lamb for spring, with a northern Chinese twist.

Food March 04, 2017

Go with the dough

A timeless classic – just don't open the sun-dried tomatoes.

Food February 25, 2017

Lentil giant

Exotic salads that transport the flavours of the Middle East and Asia.

Food February 18, 2017

Toasting success

From breakfast to dessert to hangover cure, French toast ticks all the boxes.

Food February 11, 2017

Freedom of the mess

A delicious dessert with a very honest name.

Food February 04, 2017

Mussels bound

Talking Turkey with a tasty seafood sensation.