Andrew McConnell
is the executive chef and co-owner of Cutler & Co and Cumulus Inc.

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Food September 03, 2016

Spare change

A Shanghai surprise of tender and full-flavoured pork ribs.

Food August 27, 2016

Buenas nachos

Even fine dining chefs will admit to enjoying a Tex-Mex spread of nachos.

Food August 20, 2016

Duck and cover

The best sausage rolls outside of a country bakery.

Food August 13, 2016

True digestive

The perfect accompaniment to a sharp cheese course.

Food July 30, 2016

Gnocchi and nice

Nice and easy, rich and cheesy dumplings.

Food July 23, 2016

Compare the pears

A perfect rich, wintertime dessert.

Food July 16, 2016

Mystic liver

The sweet and savoury appeal of chicken livers.

Food July 09, 2016

Reliable sauces for tasty meatballs

Here’s what all the fuss is about.

Food July 02, 2016

Twice-cooked chocolate soufflé

An election special: a soufflé that rises twice.