Andrew McConnell
is the executive chef and co-owner of Cutler & Co and Cumulus Inc. He is The Saturday Paper’s food editor.

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recipe January 30, 2016

Burgers of ’Cisco Bay

A well-built hamburger is a beautiful thing.

recipe January 23, 2016

Yoghurt panna cotta with caramelised figs and pistachio nuts

The textural delights of perfect panna cotta.

recipe December 19, 2015

Glazed Christmas ham and pickled cherries

The perfect Christmas ham … with a cherry on top.

recipe December 12, 2015

Raspberry cordial and raspberry and Lillet Rouge jelly

Grown-up raspberry recipes for the young at heart.

recipe December 05, 2015

The name of the roes

Bottarga and summer salads.

recipe November 28, 2015

Grilled quail

The fresh flavours of grilled quail with green mango salad.

recipe November 21, 2015

Add a touch of frost with refreshing ginger granita

Summer’s here and the time is right … for cooling, tangy desserts.

recipe November 14, 2015

Light and fluffy scrambled eggs with roast tomatoes

The perfect start to the day.

recipe November 07, 2015

Get comfortably crumbed with tonkatsu

More than just a schnitzel, tonkatsu makes the perfect Japanese sandwich.