Andy Hazel
is a Melbourne-based writer. He is The Saturday Paper's editorial assistant.

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news November 05, 2016

Brisbane indie band The Goon Sax

Brisbane teenagers The Goon Sax are getting all the right attention, here and abroad, for their deceptively simple and heartfelt pop. Fans of The Go-Betweens might recognise a pattern.

news June 25, 2016

Twin Peaks location hunting in the Pacific Northwest

Visiting set locations of a favourite TV show or film can feel like entering an out-of-kilter dream – all the more so when the show is David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

news June 20, 2015

Positano, on Italy’s Almalfi Coast

The cliffside houses of sun-kissed Positano, Italy, don’t so much command Mediterranean views as welcome them to stop by for the perfect aperitif.