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is a Melbourne-based editor and writer.

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the_briefing September 03, 2018

Coalition roads and rail re-election plan leaked

Plans for a national $7.6 billion roads and rail package, which was to be released in the lead up to the federal election, have been leaked to the Herald Sun ($). The plans, signed off by deposed prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, were to be strategically …

the_briefing August 31, 2018

Dutton stepped in on behalf of former police colleague

Revelations that home affairs minister Peter Dutton intervened on an au pair’s visa case with which he had a personal connection, have put further scrutiny on the minister’s discretionary powers. While further details came to light around his intervention …

the_briefing August 30, 2018

Chelsea Manning denied Australian visa

The Australian government has served notice that Chelsea Manning will be denied entry to the country this week, ahead of speaking engagements in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The former US soldier, who turned whistleblower for WikiLeaks in 2010, is …