Anna Krien

is a Melbourne writer and journalist. Her most recent book is the novel Act of Grace.

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News January 23, 2021

Sailors caught in Australia–China trade war

China’s escalating trade war with Australia has left dozens of coal carriers stranded at sea for months, their international crew trapped in distressing conditions. So who is responsible for the seafarers’ welfare?

News October 22, 2020

Queensland teenagers launch legal challenge of Adani mine

Brooklyn O’Hearn and Claire Galvin have lodged a legal request for the Environment minister to revoke approval for the Carmichael mine, citing research linking its associated emissions with damage to up to 18,000 square kilometres of the World Heritage site.

News September 05, 2020

24 hours on Melbourne’s lockdown front line

From healthcare staff to cleaners, counsellors and childcare workers, the story of the coronavirus front line is one of anxiety, diligence and largely invisible labour.

News September 07, 2019

Eurydice Dixon’s killer

Eurydice Dixon’s murder by Jaymes Todd set off a media circus. In all the chaos, though, the then teenage killer remained a spectre.

News September 07, 2019

Part two: Second Adani blockade established

With the Queensland government extinguishing native title rights over Wangan and Jagalingou land, the traditional owners have moved onto their ancestral Country to declare their sovereignty.

News August 31, 2019

Part one: Inside the Adani blockade

Far from killing off the anti-Adani movement, final approvals for the Carmichael mine have catalysed protesters, who say the fight is far from over.

Portrait October 15, 2016

Artist Chiharu Shiota

Unravelling inspiration with Japanese installation artist Chiharu Shiota.