Annie Smithers
is the owner and chef of du Fermier in Trentham, Victoria.

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recipe August 26, 2017

Caramelised onion and Gruyere croquettes

“Here we have one of my very favourite pairings: caramelised onion and Gruyere, bound together with mashed potato, lovingly rolled into the classic cylinder shape, gently egged and breadcrumbed, and then fried until they are just right.”

recipe August 12, 2017

Blood orange fool and Madeira cake

“Blood orange season encourages me to make a fool. Fools are synonymous with the English summer, but the lush creamy texture has a comfort factor that is right at home in any season. Here, I have paired it with a Madeira cake, another plain English classic.”

recipe July 29, 2017

Pumpernickel sandwiches with bacon and marmalade

“Pumpernickel is a curious beast. A dark, soft loaf hailing from the Westphalia region of Germany, traditionally, it was cooked in a sealed container in a steam-laden oven. This more modern version hails from the United States, where it is a little lighter …”