Behrouz Boochani
is the author of No Friend But the Mountains. He is being held on Manus Island.

By this author

News December 09, 2017

A letter from Manus Island

After four years of detention on Manus Island, the author writes a poet’s manifesto for the refugee resistance in which he has found himself to be a central figure.

News July 29, 2017

Rising tension on Manus Island

As the Manus Island detention centre is closed, refugees are under mounting pressure to resettle in an area of PNG where they are unsafe and unwanted.

Life May 06, 2017

An island off Manus

On a tiny island off the coast of Manus, a local family offers asylum seekers kindness and some respite from their ordeal.

Opinion May 28, 2016

Damned lies, News Corp and Manus Island refugees

“We are the victims of this policy; and for three years, we have been taken as hostages in an official and exiled approach.”

News April 16, 2016

Manus Island’s appalling health care record

Manus Island claims to have a properly equipped hospital, but for detainees requiring more than just a painkiller, the facilities are grossly inadequate.

Opinion February 27, 2016

Life on Manus: island of the damned

“Everyone, in his mind, traces a course of the history of the hellish life on this island, from before the riot in February, a period prisoners call ‘The Great Famine’, to the murder of Reza Barati.”