Bianca Nogrady

is a science journalist and the author of Climate Change: How We Can Get to Carbon Zero.

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News September 24, 2022

Stalemate over rural fire fleet

As fire season approaches, a dispute about who is financially responsible for almost $150 million worth of fire trucks is pitting state and local governments against each other, with the assets scattered across more than 100 councils.

Life August 27, 2022

Rethinking fire ratings

A new fire danger rating system will bring much-needed clarity to the threat of bushfires, replacing a classification that is out-of-date and often misunderstood.

podcast August 22, 2022

What you need to know about monkeypox

Today, science journalist Bianca Nogrady on the origins and challenges of the monkeypox outbreak.

News August 20, 2022

Lessons for Australia’s monkeypox response

The spread of monkeypox is testing public health officials globally on both their vaccine preparedness and the sensitivity of their messaging to affected communities.

podcast July 14, 2022

Living with long Covid

Today, contributor to The Saturday Paper Bianca Nogrady on the people living with long Covid.

News July 09, 2022

Long Covid: After-effect hits up to 400,000 Australians

More than two years into the pandemic, scientists are racing to understand why one in 10 people develop long Covid and how to treat the paradoxical illness.