Bri Lee
is a lawyer and the author of Eggshell Skull and Beauty.

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Culture December 05, 2020

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Eryn Jean Norvill’s bravura portrayal of 26 characters in Sydney Theatre Company’s remarkable adaptation is a triumph.

Opinion August 15, 2020

The old guard preventing reform to consent laws

“Community standards, particularly around gendered and sexual violence, have progressed to the point that, arguably, the older a law is, the less it is likely to represent the interests of the people it is supposed to protect. Yet this perspective runs …”

Culture July 25, 2020

Winner winner (Part three)

“The curtains parted to reveal the leggy assistants in their beaded corsetry and feathered headdresses, and, when the sparse audience applauded, the man in the fedora emerged. He took a bow, tipped his hat and then threw it out into the audience, and spotlights …”

Culture July 18, 2020

Winner winner (Part two)

“They were reading in the lounge when a large helicopter landed on the helipad. Phil looked up from his paper, over the rim of his reading glasses, and could just make out the figures. The man hopping down held his fedora on top of his head, battling the …”

Culture July 11, 2020

Winner winner (Part one)

“The Emerald Queen was just beginning its second loop of the Tasman Peninsula when Phil, Ellen, John and Karen were seated for their standing 7 o’clock dinner reservation in the smaller of the two grand dining rooms. ‘Isn’t it …”

Opinion June 27, 2020

Sexual harassment in the legal profession

“When news broke this week that an independent inquiry at the High Court of Australia found former justice Dyson Heydon had sexually harassed six associates during his decade on the bench, my non-law friends and colleagues were incredulous. To them, the …”

News February 29, 2020

Queensland’s domestic violence struggle

Despite the Queensland government’s huge financial commitment to the battle against family violence, the brutal murders of Hannah Clarke and her three children at the hands of her abusive husband highlight how far there is to go.

News November 16, 2019

Proposed reforms to NSW consent law

The draft proposals on consent law in NSW contain some vital reforms, but experts maintain that further action is needed to combat sexual violence.

Culture September 07, 2019

Sydney Contemporary’s Barry Keldoulis

A catch-up with the director of the Sydney Contemporary art fair, Barry Keldoulis.