Brigid Delaney
is the author of the novel Wild Things.

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Opinion October 10, 2015

Don’t dream, it’s over

“A new Australian dream is needed. I like to imagine a future where the housing affordability crisis creates something amazing and unintended. A life that isn’t trapped in the foothills of shelter and safety, that instead draws its meaning from love …”

First person October 11, 2014

Believing in secularism at The School of Life

What happens when someone raised fervently Catholic gives up the pomp and ceremony and places her faith in modest, secular teachings?

Travel September 06, 2014

Bali high

Indonesia can affect both body and soul, from medical tourism to hanging with the locals.

Opinion June 14, 2014

The blunting of the snark

If it were reclassified as news, BuzzFeed would be the 10th most-read news website in Australia.

Opinion May 03, 2014

Diverse backgrounds make for strong communities

Have we lost the skill of forming strong communities? Ironically, neoliberal economic policies may bring us back together.