Bruce Wolpe

is a former adviser to Democrats in congress and former chief-of-staff to prime minister Julia Gillard. He is senior fellow at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

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News November 05, 2022

Republicans at the gate in US midterms

The Democrats’ prospects in the November 8 midterm elections are looking shaky. If Republicans take the house they will likely impeach Joe Biden and default on debt.

News March 05, 2022

Joe Biden’s fragile state of affairs

With Joe Biden’s approval rating in freefall, his State of the Union address offered a much-needed chance for a show of leadership amid the Ukraine–Russia turmoil.

podcast November 08, 2021

Joe Biden’s honeymoon is over

Bruce Wolpe on what Joe Biden can do to turn things around and what happens if he can’t.

News October 30, 2021

One year on, Trump’s threat remains

One year on from winning the election, Joe Biden is the least popular modern US president except for Donald Trump – and Donald Trump remains his biggest threat.