Carmel Bird

is an author. Her memoir is Telltale.

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Culture July 02, 2022

The fly on the wall

“Emma was a young ballerina at the Paris Opera. She was ethereal, intangible, diaphanous – as beautiful as a falling snowflake. She would bound and leap as if fashioned from the air itself, skimming over surfaces like a feather on the breeze. She …”

Culture May 14, 2022

Completing the 1080 project

“I have recently taken it upon myself to work my way through the internet in search of my ancestry. I call it my 1080 Project. As a wise old tech-savvy male elder of the family Rattus rattus, and with no chance of a pleasant natural death, I’m …”

Culture April 23, 2022


Almost the first thing you find in Mothertongues is a QR code to the soundtrack that singer–songwriter Keppie Coutts created to be part of the reading experience. This work, co-written by Ceridwen Dovey and Eliza Bell, is in a category all …