Cass Moriarty

is the author of Parting Words and The Promise Seed.

By this author

Portrait September 08, 2018

Trumpet player Sarah Butler

Catching up with Australasia’s only female principal trumpet player, Sarah Butler.

Portrait May 26, 2018

Attachment phase

The author reflects on the impending birth of her granddaughter.

Portrait March 24, 2018

Sailing in South East Asia

Taking the ‘Angel Wing’ through the waters of the near north with ADF officer Amanda Johnston.

Portrait February 17, 2018

My grandmother’s death

Reflecting on what’s lost with the passing of a generation.

Portrait February 10, 2018

Conductor Alondra de la Parra

At home with the music director of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Alondra de la Parra.

Portrait December 16, 2017

Gender-equality activist Tasman Bain

A conversation with Tasman Bain, co-founder of PNG gender-equality charity Meri Toksave.

Portrait November 25, 2017

Fighting the good fight for veterans

“For 20 years, Terry O’Connor has advocated for the rights of service personnel to access their lawful entitlements, including the sought-after Gold Card, which grants unlimited access to medical services, or to gain compensation for post-traumatic stress …”

Portrait October 21, 2017

Jane Shakespeare and the Fig Tree Children

The woman working to keep Sierra Leone’s children in school.

Portrait August 26, 2017

Chance encounter

A chance meeting with an elderly musician draws the author into his troubled life.

Portrait May 13, 2017

My grandmother at 109

Looking back on the long life of the oldest Queenslander.