Chris Wallace
is a historian at the Australian National University and formerly a longstanding member of the Canberra Press Gallery.

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Opinion January 28, 2017

Turnbull in the Trump era

It is 16 months since Turnbull became prime minister. In that time, he hasn’t achieved gravitas, has not built authority, and has so far failed to prosecute a substantial political or policy argument of any kind.

News May 14, 2016

Libs plan preference deals with Greens to wedge Labor

By masterminding a preference strategy favouring the Greens in five key seats, the Coalition aims to divide and rule the progressive side of politics.

Opinion November 21, 2015

Turnbull’s honeymoon after the divorce

“Lucy standing at Turnbull’s side now is the biggest bull point for the likely success of a prime ministership that is, as are they all, hostage to the temperament of the protagonist.”

Opinion September 12, 2015

Joe Hockey’s a dead treasurer walking

“The conclusion has become inescapable that Hockey is either too thick for the job or too arrogant to get any perspective on his poor performance and fix it.”

Opinion July 25, 2015

Abbott’s military pretensions amid echoes of Howard’s prattlers

“Taxpayers are being set up to pay, literally, for Abbott’s lack of skill or sophistication to manage anything beyond government by diktat. ”

Opinion February 14, 2015

The press gallery’s leadership thrills and spills

“It is not hard to identify those who cross the line from journalist to polemicist in exchange for being put, as Paul Keating used to call it, on the story “drip”.”

news January 31, 2015

Troubled waters for a failing captain

“Sovereign risk from poor national government is on the verge of becoming the greatest risk Australia faces today ... Who wants to back a country that can’t run itself properly?”

Opinion January 24, 2015

Why the Liberals can’t kill Tony Abbott

“Honestly, does anyone see Loughnane bowling into the PMO and getting the staffer most accountable for the prime minister’s performance, namely his spouse, sacked?”

News August 23, 2014

Joe’s own goals

What led to the grim-faced stumbles of one of the government’s key leaders? An examination of the treasurer’s plunge in popularity.