Christos Tsiolkas
is the author of The Slap and Barracuda. He is The Saturday Paper's film critic.

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Film October 24, 2015

Colin Farrell and Léa Seydoux in Yorgos Lanthimos’s ‘The Lobster’

Yorgos Lanthimos’s surrealist film The Lobster, punctures cherished myths about love and marriage in an absurdist alternative universe.

Film September 26, 2015

Michael Fassbender in Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth

Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth falls short in exploring the true depths of ‘black and deep desires’.

Film August 01, 2015

Nouveau western ‘Far From Men’ hits close to home

Viggo Mortensen crosses the desert mountains with an Arab prisoner in 'Far From Men', set during Algeria’s war of independence.

Film June 27, 2015

Vinterberg’s Far from the Madding Crowd misses mark

The splendid cast of Thomas Vinterberg’s adaptation Far from the Madding Crowd can’t make up for the director ironing out the nuance.

Film May 09, 2015

Binoche and Stewart in Clouds of Sils Maria

Like Bergman and Antonioni, Olivier Assayas focuses on the experience of women, as in his latest, Clouds of Sils Maria.

Film March 28, 2015

Feeling the Pynchon in Anderson’s Inherent Vice

Paul Thomas Anderson’s efforts to stay true to the novel Inherent Vice leave this film noir floundering in the dark.

Film February 21, 2015

Citizenfour’s Edwardian drama

Laura Poitras’s Snowden film, Citizenfour, is a welcome return to documentary that doesn’t tell us what to think.

Film January 24, 2015

Foxcatcher’s charm wrestling

Foxcatcher’s fearless stars score all the points in a takedown of naked narcissism and searing sociopathy.

Film December 20, 2014

Timothy Spall a vivid J.M.W. Turner in Mike Leigh’s latest

Timothy Spall embodies Turner in a virtuosic performance of an artist in pursuit of the ethereal and elemental.