Claire G. Coleman

is a Noongar author. Her books include Lies Damned Lies: A personal exploration of the impact of colonisation and Enclave.

By this author

Culture June 20, 2020

Prosper, crash, lane, notice

“The city is performing a disturbingly accurate impression of a ghost town and I am trying to impersonate a dead virus particle haunting it, infecting it; like pneumonia in the lungs of the city, when the ghost of a city has no physical lungs. I walk, …”

Culture August 24, 2019

Producer Hooi Ping Angela Flynn

A catch-up at an art fair with producer Hooi Ping Angela Flynn.

Opinion January 26, 2019

Bloody Australia Day

“No other colonised country celebrates its national day on the anniversary of the day its invasion, colonisation and genocide began. At the very least, January 26 as Australia Day should be understood as disrespectful to First Nations people. When looked …”

Portrait October 27, 2018

Artistic director Nici Cumpston

A cup of lemongrass tea with the artistic director of Adelaide’s TARNANTHI Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art.

Portrait October 20, 2018

Monica the Tantanoola bartender

An afternoon in the Tantanoola pub, on the trail of a tiger.

Portrait September 22, 2018

Artist Robert Walton

Stealing time and cultivating “radical empathy” with artist Robert Walton.

Opinion February 17, 2018

The failures of Closing the Gap

“The difference difference in life expectancy for Indigenous people is 10 years. The target was to close that gap by 2031. The report admits that this critical target is not going to be met; in fact, in the past 10 years, they cannot even claim a one-year …”