Daniel James

is a Yorta Yorta man and an award-winning writer and broadcaster. He writes for The Politics.

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podcast October 13, 2023

The Fight for a Voice: The Future

The final episode in this series looks at the two different Australias we are choosing between, with someone who has spent her life in the struggle for reconciliation and understanding: Professor Marcia Langton.

Comment October 14, 2023

The unavoidable consequences of the referendum

“Today we will know. We will know what sort of country we want to be, whether the narrow path to victory for the ‘Yes’ campaign has petered out into a track to nowhere or whether, beyond the telling of every opinion poll, today will result …”

podcast October 12, 2023

The Fight for a Voice: The conservative case for ‘No’

What damage is anti-Voice rhetoric doing to public debate? And do conservatives really want to do anything to close the gap?

podcast October 11, 2023

The Fight for a Voice: Inside the case for ‘Yes’

How was the campaign built? And can it really overcome the huge challenge in time for Saturday’s vote?

podcast October 10, 2023

The Fight for a Voice: The progressives voting ‘No’

We speak to the face of the “progressive No”, Senator Lidia Thorpe.

podcast October 09, 2023

The Fight for a Voice: The road to the referendum

To understand how we got here and why we are voting on a Voice to Parliament, it’s important to understand what happened to ATSIC, the last consultative body for Indigenous people. Its failures drive the "No" campaign and its disbandment drives the "Yes" campaign.

podcast September 08, 2023

The second referendum nobody asked for

Contributor to The Monthly and The Saturday Paper, Yorta Yorta man Daniel James on the early day strategies of both camps and the potential for things to become more toxic as the campaign proceeds.

Video August 31, 2023

The Voice and the importance of truth-telling

The urgency of this moment for the country is clear, as is the need for an honest, open and compassionate discussion.

podcast August 18, 2023

Why it’s important to listen to Lidia Thorpe. Even if you’re voting Yes.

Contributor to The Saturday Paper Daniel James, on why it’s important to listen to Lidia Thorpe – even if you’re voting Yes.

Life August 19, 2023

From Maloga to the Voice

One of the earliest offers by First Nations people to help repair the damage of colonisation ended in failure. How does the history of Cummeragunja demonstrate the value of the Voice?

podcast May 31, 2023

Stan Grant and Australia’s failure to talk about racism

Yorta Yorta writer and contributor to The Saturday Paper Daniel James, on whether Australia is mature enough to have a national conversation about racism and justice for Indigenous people.

Comment May 27, 2023

Stan Grant and the anti-Voice trolls

“Late last week the seemingly impossible happened. Stan Grant, a veteran Wiradjuri journalist, with a 40-year career spanning commercial news outlets at home and abroad before his arrival at the ABC, announced he was taking a break. During his time at …”

News February 06, 2021

Collingwood and racism in the AFL

After a long history of AFL players of colour being abused and left unsupported by the league, it was not surprising when a report into Collingwood FC this week found systemic racism. Can Eddie McGuire start the process of doing better?

Life December 22, 2018

The Horne Prize: Ten More Days

The 2018 Horne Prize was awarded to this unique account of intergenerational trauma.