Denham Sadler
is a freelance writer based in Melbourne.

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News April 01, 2017

The murder of Fitzroy taxi driver Mohamud Muketar

Almost a year on from the murder of a Melbourne taxi driver, police are no closer to solving the crime and his father no nearer to answers.

News January 28, 2017

Ms Dhu’s family’s fight for prosecutions

Ms Dhu’s family is determined not to let the coronial report into her death disappear from the spotlight without prosecutions.

News December 03, 2016

Melbourne suburb Eltham welcomes refugees

Plans to use part of an aged-care facility in an outer Melbourne suburb as temporary housing for refugees have been welcomed by the local community. But that hasn’t stopped anti-immigration protesters descending.

News August 20, 2016

WA still waits for Indigenous Custody Notification

The first Aboriginal death in custody for 16 years in NSW has highlighted the effectiveness of a Custody Notification Service, which WA has yet to implement.

News June 20, 2015

Cutting the Aboriginal custody helpline

Instead of expanding a successful legal service with proven success reducing Aboriginal deaths in custody, the federal government is cutting its funding.

Science February 07, 2015

Australian hoping to join the Mars One mission

She was fascinated by space as a child. Now Australian woman Dianne McGrath has volunteered to live out life on Mars.