Donna Walker-Mitchell
is an Australian journalist based in Los Angeles.

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Sport August 26, 2017

Allen’s key: Rebecca Allen, 24, basketballer

WNBA basketballer Rebecca Allen on life, Liberty and refusing to become ‘that negative person in the background’ when things go wrong.

Culture August 12, 2017

Anthony LaPaglia’s pioneer spirit

Long before Australian actors were celebrated in the US, Anthony LaPaglia was forging a solid career in theatre and movies. But, he says, his rise to stardom could not have been more unexpected.

Sport May 20, 2017

Pitch perfect: Peter Moylan, 38, baseballer

Kansas City Royals’ Peter Moylan on what he misses about Australia and aiming for the World Series.

Sport December 10, 2016

Nathan Walker, 22, ice hockey player

Nathan Walker on being the first Australian drafted by an NHL team.

Sport November 05, 2016

Pushing through: Adam Gotsis, 24, American football player

Melbourne-born Adam Gotsis on the high-pressure world of America’s NFL.

Sport August 06, 2016

Golden dreams: Penny Taylor, 35, basketballer

Dual Olympic silver medallist and 2006 world champion and WNBA champion with Phoenix Mercury, Penny Taylor has her sights set on gold in Rio.

Culture July 16, 2016

Jacki Weaver in Hollywood

Actress Jacki Weaver had to wait until her 60s for worldwide acclaim. Now, the offers from Hollywood keep flooding in.

Culture June 11, 2016

Bruna Papandrea’s journey from Elizabeth to Hollywood

The Australian-born Hollywood producer putting women’s stories at the centre of film and television.

News March 12, 2016

Australian links to FBI drug-smuggling bust

As the alleged leader of an illegal sports gambling and international drug-smuggling ring awaits trial in the US, four Australians are also accused of having links to the network.