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Editorial December 09, 2017

Charity disgrace

Gary Johns is now the head of the federal charities regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission. This is the same Gary Johns who told Andrew Bolt, “a lot of poor women in this country, a large portion of whom are Aboriginal, are used as cash cows, right, they are kept pregnant and producing children for the cash. Now that has to stop.” It is the same Gary Johns who wants the poor to be forcibly denied children. “Some families, some communities, some cultures breed strife,” he writes.

Editorial July 08, 2017

Force of Abbott

Tony Abbott never understood he was living in a contemporary society; he governed for a world that no longer existed, for a fantasy of the past. His leadership was always illusory. His default has always been treachery. That one man could do so much damage is testament to his corrosive gift for harm.

Editorial April 15, 2017

Life and debt

It’s almost as if Centrelink set out to design the worst system possible. It’s as if the department worked at finding the most vindictive and imprecise arrangements through which to pursue the people it is supposed to serve, then put out a tender to see if they could be made more cruel.

Editorial March 25, 2017

Purpose riven

In Canberra much of the week’s politics was spent on changes to the laws regulating the racist mistreatment of minorities. These are changes with little popular support. They show a government legislating for itself.

Opinion February 04, 2017

The art of the real: Fighting fake news

The first one we blocked was Breitbart, the alt-right website built to infamy by President Donald Trump’s principal adviser. None of the money The Saturday Paper spends to advertise online will feed through the hyperpartisan source. Breitbart …

Editorial November 12, 2016

Faceless man

It happened. The United States of America elected as its president a moron.  Donald Trump gives face to the ugliness of hate. That is why we have decided not to give him face. Our front page covers his sneering visage with a void into which hope might …

Editorial October 29, 2016

Fate of the nation

The report reads like a distress signal from the real Australia. On every indicator is a country in trauma. Suicide rates are up. Inequality is rising. Women feel less safe here than they do overseas. The Community Council of Australia’s treatise, …

Opinion October 15, 2016

Political indecency

The simple fact is this: when any party talks about marriage equality it is playing cheap politics with the lives of queer people. These lives are the plaything of a Labor Party that resolves to support same-sex marriage, but then decides its members …

Opinion October 08, 2016

Off Brandis

George Brandis still holds out hope – apparently – that he will be appointed to the bench of the High Court. The move would come – in his mind – early next year. He would follow the controversial precedents of Garfield Barwick and Lionel Murphy. It …

Opinion September 24, 2016

Work to be done

Here is a simple but little acknowledged fact: the poor are not the problem with the welfare system.  But it is the poor who would be most harshly affected by much of what Social Services Minister Christian Porter laid out in his address to the National …

Opinion September 10, 2016

Cash register

Already, it is one of the most expensive to access registers in the world. As a tool of transparency, it is a failure. This is, perhaps, its intention. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission database is the repository for company records …