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is a journalist, podcast producer and filmmaker.

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podcast June 23, 2022

The men who killed the Liberal Party

Mike Seccombe on if we are seeing the beginning of the end of Australia's Liberal Party.

podcast June 22, 2022

Airport chaos: The true story of the Qantas debacle

Rick Morton on how Qantas became one of the country’s worst performing airlines and the future of the company.

podcast June 21, 2022

Why nuclear power won’t solve the energy crisis

Former Greens senator and anti-nuclear activist Scott Ludlam on the nuclear fantasies of conservative politicians and why they continue to make headlines.

podcast May 31, 2022

Finally going home to Biloela

Journalist Rebekah Holt, who spent election night with the Nadesalingam family, on the moment the family realised they could finally go back to Biloela.

podcast May 16, 2022

The Vote: Monique Ryan vs The Treasurer of Australia

The treasurer of Australia, Josh Frydenberg, is facing what he’s described as the fight of his political life. 7am producer Elle Marsh takes us inside the campaign of Doctor Monique Ryan.

podcast March 25, 2022

The death of Kimberley Kitching

The death of Labor senator Kimberley Kitching has ignited claims of bullying within the party. Meanwhile, heavy losses for the Liberals in the South Australian election could have dire implications for Scott Morrison.

podcast January 27, 2022

The week the world saw Australia’s cruelty

When world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic arrived in Australia earlier this month, he intended to defend his title at the Australian Open. Instead, his visa was cancelled and he was detained at a hotel in Melbourne - the Park Hotel.

News November 27, 2021

‘This is a torture hotel’: Inside the Park Hotel outbreak

Detained in the same hotel from where Victoria’s second wave escaped, Covid-positive refugees describe conditions that breach the recommendations of the quarantine inquiry and feel like ‘torture’.

podcast November 25, 2021

Inside Australia’s most dangerous hotel

7am producer Elle Marsh on who is responsible for protecting the detainees, and why the government should have seen this outbreak coming.

News April 03, 2021

Rental stress and evictions

As moratoriums that barred landlords from evicting tenants during the pandemic come to an end across the country, housing experts fear a homelessness crisis is looming.

News January 30, 2021

Fight to free refugees in hotel detention

While dozens of refugees brought to Australia under medevac were unexpectedly released into the community on temporary visas this week, grave fears remain for the men left behind in detention.

News March 07, 2020

Life after the Christchurch shootings

As the first anniversary of mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch approaches, survivors and other members of the city’s Muslim community face isolation and economic hardship.