Ellen van Neerven
is a Mununjali Yugambeh writer and the author of Heat and Light and Comfort Food. Their new collection of poetry, Throat, will be published in May.

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poetry February 22, 2020

every small protest counts

in solidarity with the Shaheen Bagh women   */ ACCOMPANY your children ADMINISTER biryani to those braving the cold and rain ADVOCATE for freedom “Aazadi!” the children cry APPLY music to the streets ASSUME those who are …

Culture November 02, 2019

Rapper, poet and novelist Omar Musa

Through his one-man show Since Ali Died, Omar Musa has connected with audiences who have experienced ostracism. The rapper, novelist and poet speaks about the power of storytelling and the need for greater nuance in depictions of the Muslim community. “People come up to me after the show. Firstly, there are people really interested in having direct access to a young Muslim man growing up post-9/11. And then, secondly, there are those who relate to the outsider experience. I talk about a very specific intersection of race and religion – but try to make it relatable to all people who might feel a bit different.”

Portrait July 14, 2018

Musician Mojo Juju

Filipino Wiradjuri musician Mojo Juju talks about her new project Native Tongue and getting ahead in a homogenous industry.

Culture August 05, 2017

Filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Almost a decade after making Bastardy with actor Jack Charles, filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson refuses to see himself as a detached observer, instead drawing in his subjects as collaborators.

Portrait June 03, 2017

Artist Yhonnie Scarce

Artist Yhonnie Scarce captures the aftermath of Maralinga in her new exhibition Thunder Raining Poison.

Portrait April 22, 2017

Artist Claire Lambe

Artist Claire Lambe prepares an exhibition.

Fiction December 24, 2016

Sis better

A new short story from award-winning Indigenous author Ellen van Neerven.