Fiona Kelly McGregor

is the author of eight books.

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Culture March 27, 2021

Performance artist Rakini Devi

Performance artist Rakini Devi’s first solo exhibition brings her classical dance training to a multilayered investigation of how women are erased by misogyny and violence.

Culture February 27, 2021

No Show

No Show, Carriageworks’ lively group exhibition of emerging and experimental art, is full of unexpected gems.

Culture August 13, 2016

Artist Mike Parr’s relentless self-portraiture

Mike Parr retains the ability to unsettle gallery directors, though he may be the country’s most deeply engaged, self-analytical artist.

Portrait May 28, 2016

Sydney designer Murray Bell

Talking change with Semi Permanent’s Murray Bell.

Portrait May 14, 2016

50 years in a Kings Cross cafe

A coffee in Kings Cross with Piccolo Bar's Vittorio.

Portrait June 13, 2015

Fighting the invaders

Meet the co-ordinator of the Landcare team that tends to the national treasure Bundanon.

Portrait April 11, 2015

Actor Vashti Hughes’ Sydney in extremis

Vashti Hughes, an actor for all stages.

Portrait March 07, 2015

Up in the air

Flying high with a multi-talented aviatrix.

Portrait February 21, 2015

Painted lady

Tattoo pioneer Cindy Ray got the ink but not the riches.