Fiona Wright

is an author and poet.

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Culture August 22, 2020

Remember airports?

“You know I dated a masseur once? Or, what’s the word, masseuse? Does anybody ever say that? What, masseuse? Yes. Masseuse. No, it’s definitely – If you say lady masseur, I’ll – Okay, masseuse. When was this? A …”

Culture May 09, 2020


“A waiting room. It’s mid-afternoon, a Monday, and the chairs are hard blue plastic. Mostly young women today, red-eyed babies on their knees, all busy rustling through their handbags for plastic containers of sultanas or carrot sticks. The babies have …”

Portrait December 22, 2018

Artist Wendy Whiteley

A visit to the home of artist Wendy Whiteley.