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is an author and poet.

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Culture January 21, 2023

Abandon Every Hope: Essays for the Dead

Abandon Every Hope takes the form of a thanatography – an attempt to write death – which Hayley Singer describes as having a “nearness to biography”. What biography does for a life, that is, thanatography might do for death, although …

Culture November 19, 2022

The Sun Walks Down

“How are they losing their children like this, all over the country?” asks an Afghan cameleer as he passes through the town of Fairly, where The Sun Walks Down is set. Days earlier, the farmhand Billy considers the fear that “a lost child” …

Culture October 15, 2022


Driving his young daughters home from school, Limberlost’s protagonist, Ned, stumbles through an accidental telling of an anecdote from childhood. The details, for which his children press him, suddenly feel distant, strange. Ned is struck …

Culture May 07, 2022

Bedtime Story

The most striking and satisfying feature of Chloe Hooper’s Bedtime Story is its beautiful prose. The writing is rich: rhythmic and atmospheric, with a sharp clarity to its depictions of domestic, family life and the ways in which the sudden …

Culture March 26, 2022

The Mirror Book

There are a number of refrains that recur across The Mirror Book, Charlotte Grimshaw’s memoir about growing up within her literary family, subjected always to its “fictions”. Some are the kind of phrases we use or hear so frequently that …

Culture November 13, 2021

Game plan

“You would have said, remember that the opening exchanges are just rituals: how you are, what you’ve been up to, the weather, the traffic – it isn’t all that important what any of you say, it’s just the saying itself that matters. It’s not seeking …”

Culture June 12, 2021

Old Orphan Creek

“Up here, the cold permeates. It presses against you and breathes itself back in. You like the way it stings your fingers, how every inch of your body is forced to feel. Arterial, the roads pulse you along, each town you pass fleeting and unacknowledged. …”

Culture August 22, 2020

Remember airports?

“You know I dated a masseur once? Or, what’s the word, masseuse? Does anybody ever say that? What, masseuse? Yes. Masseuse. No, it’s definitely – If you say lady masseur, I’ll – Okay, masseuse. When was this? A …”

Culture May 09, 2020


“A waiting room. It’s mid-afternoon, a Monday, and the chairs are hard blue plastic. Mostly young women today, red-eyed babies on their knees, all busy rustling through their handbags for plastic containers of sultanas or carrot sticks. The babies have …”

Portrait December 22, 2018

Artist Wendy Whiteley

A visit to the home of artist Wendy Whiteley.