Gillian Terzis

is a San Francisco-based writer.

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Travel November 12, 2016

Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas

The adult fantasy land of the Las Vegas Strip offers freedom from responsibility and shame, and ultimately, freedom from being yourself.

Technology October 15, 2016

Virtual reality sex therapy

As virtual reality technologies have improved, the pornography industry was always going to be an early adopter, but are its claims of sex therapy are too far-fetched?

Technology July 23, 2016

IFTTT technology and the Oticon Opn hearing aid

The life-changing hearing aid that connects via Bluetooth to doorbells, appliances and fire alarms.

Travel July 02, 2016

The eternal New Age in Palm Springs, California

The Californian desert city of Palm Springs, former haven of Liberace, Sinatra and Monroe, transports the visitor to a timeless Space Age.

Technology June 04, 2016

AGWA launches Aggie, the humanoid robot gallery guide

The latest guide at the Art Gallery of Western Australia is on a mission to change perceptions with her strangely beguiling ways.

Technology May 14, 2016

On-demand service app Jarvis

An app offering an in-house butler service is the latest business promising more free time. But is time really the problem?

Technology March 26, 2016

Virtual and augmented reality at SXSW

Is the latest virtual reality just advertising dressed up as empathy?

Science March 12, 2016

The science of editing a mosquito’s genetic make-up

The fight against the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses turns to genetic engineering.

Technology October 17, 2015

Vibes app aims to make social media personal again

A mood app hopes to avoid social media's corporatised environments of self-promotion.

Technology September 12, 2015

Thync, a mood-managing wearable tech

The latest wearable tech promises to alter our mood at the touch of a button, delivering electrical pulses to the temple.

Technology August 15, 2015

Biohackers at the DIY BioFoundry

Meet the team of biohackers useing a DIY lab to probe the possibilities of modifying natural biology, and the ethics of doing so.

Technology June 06, 2015

Augmented reality nail art

Augmented reality promises to alter our perception of the world and ourselves, leaving us hanging on by our fingernails to what’s real.

Technology May 30, 2015

LOLs, trolls and rickrolls

If 'trolling' is an inescapable product of anonymity, could it also be a wellspring of creativity?

Technology April 11, 2015

pplkpr app adds friends to the quantified self

Emotional analytic apps to let your smartphone choose the company you keep.

Technology March 14, 2015

The Genius of explaining the meaning of any text

The open source website Genius has expanded to take in annotations on any text, from poetry to presidential addresses.

Science February 14, 2015

I, wormbot: the next step in artificial intelligence

If a robot can be made to think like a worm, how will we define living and non-living beings?

Technology September 20, 2014

Brain-changing apps

Can custom apps and video games really help us build up our mental muscle?

Technology August 23, 2014

Social media for appy couples

A new wave of social media apps is aimed at enhancing romantic relationships, like a Facebook for two.

Health July 26, 2014

Are Soylent’s square meals a bit hard to swallow?

A Silicon Valley company claims it can solve world hunger and obesity with just an oily thickshake. 

Technology June 21, 2014

US start-up aims to create virtual immortality

A US company plans to use our social media presence to create a virtual avatar that will live on after we die. But will loved ones want to message us after we’ve departed?

Technology May 24, 2014

Second world problems

As we build new worlds to inhabit online, such as Minecraft and Second Life, can we avoid re-creating the problems of our real lives?

Technology April 05, 2014

Apps that guide living as a quantified self

Can statistical analysis about our habits and moods provide tools for better living? The Quantified Self movement is counting on it.