Guy Rundle
is an author and commentator. His most recent book is Trumped! Election ’16 and the Progressive Collapse.

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Opinion April 11, 2015

Compulsory superannuation and the social contract

“Of the prosperous OECD countries, we are one of the least innovative, locked into old arrangements that are proving increasingly inadequate to a better life.”

News November 01, 2014

Fear and voting in the US

Voters in the US are panicked about external threats, but suffering much closer to home from big-money domestic politics.

Opinion October 11, 2014

Politics’ one-term wonders

“There is one general rule about weak and struggling right-wing governments: the formula that served them well for decades no longer works.”

Opinion August 23, 2014

The privilege idiots on the government front bench

The recent raft of clangers from the government frontbench betrays their disconnect from ordinary lives.

Opinion August 02, 2014

The deal with Clive Palmer

“Every mobile phone sales rep in every shopping mall booth understands what Palmer is doing better than the people he and his party are dealing with in the senate.”

Opinion July 12, 2014

Albrechtsen, the ABC and the Abbott’s wrecking crew

“It’s a form of political nihilism ... We’re being governed as if we were a student union that had been captured by a clique.”

Opinion May 10, 2014

18C and the bigot bang

George Brandis and his ideological wingmen are leading the government to a spectacular defeat on 18C.

Opinion March 07, 2014

A collision course in the culture wars

Who will rise to the challenge of defending the public sector and a progressive system?