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World December 22, 2018

Treason’s greetings

Trump's legal challenges. Report on Russian hacking during US election. China retaliates against Canada over Huawei arrest. Theresa May braces for Brexit defeat. Local ceasefire in Yemen brings hope. Morrison's Jerusalem gambit pleases no one.

News December 15, 2018

Portugal’s medical model of drugs

Drug policy reform in Portugal, from pill testing to decriminalisation, may provide a model for Australia. Lisbon’s ‘dissuasion commissioner’ Nuno Capaz talks about understanding drug use as a medical, rather than a moral, issue.

World December 15, 2018

Conservatives vote for Theresa May to remain

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou bailed in Canada; Donald Trump’s lawyer jailed.

World December 08, 2018

May’s flesh wound

Theresa May suffers defeats on Brexit. Trump backs down when facing Xi Jinping at G20. Trump’s former lawyer pleads guilty. Philippine journalist charged with tax fraud.

World December 01, 2018

Awkward meetings at the G20

Heat on Paul Manafort to tell all. Republicans hold on in Deep South. Nancy Pelosi under pressure.

World November 24, 2018

China and US talks hit a snag at APEC

US and China clash at APEC ahead of G20. Trump won't pursue Mohammed bin Salman. Theresa May’s next Brexit deadline.

World November 17, 2018

Morrison, China and the Pacific

Scott Morrison and Xi Jinping take on international diplomacy in the Pacific. Beijing boosting regional security, not military. South-west Pacific in political turmoil. ‘Soft power’ review under way as case made for Radio Australia’s return.

World November 10, 2018

Truth-telling in Singapore

Asia-Pacific leaders gathering in Singapore for next week’s ASEAN Summit won’t find many ‘crazy rich Asians’ of the hit film variety, but rather a lot of unhappy ones who are feeling the pinch.

World November 10, 2018

The vaunting of the Hill house

President Trump on the attack after mixed US midterms. Asia shows its working around Trump's US economically as the region prepares for key summits. Sanction waivers make Iran oil ban toothless. Xi Jinping attracting domestic criticism.

World November 03, 2018

The human cost of Trump’s rhetoric

Trump stays on message for midterms. Right-wing gains in Brazil and Germany. Constitutional crisis in Sri Lanka. Independence vote for New Caledonia. The debate over refusing China in our 5G network.

World October 27, 2018

Trump returns to the nuclear barricades

Democrats targeted with pipe bombs; Erdoğan applies heat to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman; Widodo treads gently with Saudis.

World October 20, 2018

China lashes out as HK club oversteps ‘red line’

Morrison’s embassy misstep; aftermath of Khashoggi murder; PNG’s APEC spending.

World October 13, 2018

Pence drops bomb on China’s US influence

Pence adds to pressure on China, Brazil’s Duterte, Timor-Leste’s LNG pipedream.

News October 13, 2018

Dennis Richardson: keeper of Canberra’s secrets

Dennis Richardson was chief of ASIO and ambassador to Washington before heading the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and then Defence. Here, he talks about China, Trump and Australia’s foreign policy.

World October 06, 2018

Australia pledges $5m in disaster aid relief

Trump boosts new treaty with Mexico and Canada; Boris Johnson’s leadership pitch.

World September 29, 2018

Trump’s Iran stance silences UN laughter

Russia upgrades air defences. UN warns of famine in Yemen. EU seeking sanctions on Poland.

World September 22, 2018

Trump tells China: ‘You’re tariffed!’

Former general jailed in Philippines; backdown on new seasonal visa.

News September 15, 2018

Uygurs call for sanctions over mass internments

In Sydney’s west, the Uygur community has joined calls for Australia to sanction China over its internment of more than one million members of the Muslim minority.

World September 15, 2018

Bolton wages war on international court

Bolton warns of sanctions against ICC members, and challenges Palestinian Authority referral of Israel. Russia and Syria attack Idlib. Far-right gains in Sweden.

World September 08, 2018

Trump snubs Asia-Pacific for parade

Trump no-show at Asian forums. Pacific unhappy with Australia over climate change. Xi Jinping increases African aid. Namibia rebuff s China.

World September 01, 2018

China reset now in Payne’s hands

Marise Payne to take up China reset. Julie Bishop's legacy. Myanmar ‘genocide’. McCain snub.

World August 25, 2018

Cohen’s admissions implicate Trump

Cohen pleads guilty and Manafort convicted. US dumps Clean Power Plan. US joint exercises in NT. Police raid domestic intelligence agency in Austria.

World August 18, 2018

Trump pulls the rug from under Erdoğan

Turkish lira collapses aft er Trump doubles trade tariffs. Joko Widodo names running mate. Youth protests in Bangladesh. Trump chides Harley-Davidson.

World August 11, 2018

China pushes back on dissent into darkness

China pushes back on dissent. Misgivings over Xi's leadership spread. Dalai Lama succession plan.

News August 04, 2018

Leading shipbuilder may be forced overseas

After contracts were awarded in the Turnbull government’s $90 billion naval upgrade, the most successful local shipbuilder is being pushed closer to exiting Australia.

World August 04, 2018

US offers a tight belt and a short road

US answer to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Imran Khan wins in Pakistan. Violence after Zimbabwe elections. China's support extends Hun Sen's reign in Cambodia. Trump offers Rouhani meeting without conditions.

World July 28, 2018

Plans afoot for Trump visit to Australia

US president to visit Australia after APEC? Iran responds in kind to Trump threats. US allies working around its global trade war.

World July 21, 2018

Donald Trump’s chaotic European tour

Trump in damage control after Putin summit. Israel seeking Syria deal with Russia and the US. Chinese dissident Liu Xia freed.

World July 14, 2018

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson quits over Brexit

Donald Trump’s in Europe for NATO summit; Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s new start for Turkey; US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo goes to Pyongyang.

News July 07, 2018

What makes the Philippines’ Duterte popular

Despite international disapproval of his bloody war on drugs, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is popular at home as a leader from outside the normal corruption of politics.

World July 07, 2018

Merkel gives in on refugee turnbacks

Merkel gives in on refugees. Timor-Leste warned of fiscal crisis. Mexico elects left-wing president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. US chasing Kim Jong-un on nuclear promises.

World June 30, 2018

Trump goes hog wild on trade tariffs

Trump's tariff war escalates. US Muslim travel ban upheld. Erdoğan maintains grip on Turkey. Greyhound racing ends in Asia with Macau closure.

News June 23, 2018

Mahathir’s grip on Malaysia

Mahathir Mohamad’s spectacular return to the prime ministership of Malaysia – and its first overturning of government since federation in 1957 – was meant to pave the way for Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership. But will the 92-year-old Mahathir rush to fulfil that promise?

World June 23, 2018

Trump keeps families together – in custody

Trump relents on family separations. Merkel under pressure over asylum seekers. Rhetoric heats up for US–China trade war.

News June 16, 2018

Trump and Kim’s historic summit

This week’s smiling, hand-shaking pleasantries are a long way from earlier threats of ‘fire and fury’ and nuclear attacks. But did the Trump–Kim meeting in Singapore really broker long-term disarmament?

World June 16, 2018

Trump trolls Trudeau after Quebec G7

Trump goes his own way on trade. Italy turns back refugees. Activists jailed in Hong Kong.

World June 08, 2018

Trump and Kim head to Singapore

US and North Korea ready for talks. Italy swings right. Islamists and secularists will face off in Indonesian poll.

News June 02, 2018

China, spies and the PM’s new fight

Questions mount over the direction Malcolm Turnbull is taking with China, as clues emerge from a former adviser’s report with ASIO and an ex-ambassador’s turning on the government.

World June 02, 2018

New elections could see Italy drop euro

Italy elections repeat could see rightward swing. Chinese financial crisis forecast. Trump–Kim talks back on.

News May 26, 2018

Diplomacy à la Kim Jong-un

While some may see Kim Jong-un as ill equipped to broker deals on the world stage, nothing could be further from the truth.

World May 26, 2018

Hastie drops bombshell on China relations

Australian MP alleges FBI suspect. Italy prepares for far-right/far-left coalition government. Najib Razak investigated.

World May 19, 2018

Gaza killings as Trump moves embassy

US embassy moves to Jerusalem. Family bombers in Java. Anwar Ibrahim released.

World May 12, 2018

Trump’s Iran pact pullout snubs Europe

US to reimpose sanctions on Iran. Trump believes Iran decision will impress North Korea. Mahathir sweeps back into power in Malaysia.

World May 05, 2018

Nobel for Trump’s chequered Korea?

Historic Korean meeting plays well for Kim. Trump yet to confirm Iran sanctions waiver plan. Mahathir pledges to pardon Anwar. Bishop and Dutton at loggerheads over ASD.

News April 28, 2018

Independence in the South Pacific

The Australian government is watching New Caledonia’s independence referendum with caution, seeing it as a precursor to the potentially more volatile vote in Bougainville next year.

World April 28, 2018

Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in meet in the DMZ

Historic Korean talks ahead of Trump and Kim meeting. Macron charms on US trip. Timor poll holds up gas plans.

World April 21, 2018

Syria and Russia dig in over chemical attacks

James Comey on press tour; Trump still pulling punches with Moscow; Israel–Iran hostilities deepen.

World April 14, 2018

Trump warns of action against ‘Animal Assad’

FBI raid on Trump lawyer; Malaysian elections; Espiritu Santo wharf proposal.

News April 07, 2018

The Skripals, Novichok and the Cold War

The attempted murder in England of former spy Sergei Skripal with a nerve agent developed in Russia has stirred Cold War tensions, but evidence of Moscow’s involvement is yet to be found.

World April 07, 2018

Casualties as protests rage in Gaza and Israel

Australia advised to allow more Pacific Islander workers. Japanese navy equipping small aircraft carriers. Dutton and Downer freelancing foreign policy.

World March 31, 2018

Russian diplomats expelled around globe

Julie Bishop hauls in Russian ambassador Grigory Logvinov; students take anti-gun protest to Washington; US national security adviser replaced.

World March 17, 2018

Cambridge Analytica trades in people’s fears

Cambridge Analytica in Australia. Trump fires up. Poison case gets Boris Johnson treatment. Menadue scolds Dutton over South Africa comments.

World March 17, 2018

Trump and Kim the madmen across the water

Trump brinkmanship on North Korea. No term limit for Xi Jinping. Shinzō Abe in trouble.

World March 10, 2018

Duterte to miss ASEAN summit in Sydney

Australia and Timor-Leste finally sign treaty; Italy’s poll results.

World March 03, 2018

Berlusconi plying playbook of anti-immigration

Germany still dealing on coalition. Macron in trouble. Brexit chaos grows.

World February 24, 2018

Feeling the pressure of China’s global embrace

The Beijing model and Australia’s response. Russian trolls charged. Lesson on wage growth and corporate tax from Japan.

World February 17, 2018

Continuing wars within wars in Syria

Benjamin Netanyahu facing corruption claims; North Korea in Winter Olympics charm offensive; Harry Harris the new ambassador to Australia.

World February 10, 2018

Trump’s FBI claims aided by Russian bots

US and Russia developing new short-range nuclear weapons. Democracy wobbles in Africa. Timor-Leste and Australia close to treaty. Theresa May in trouble a year out from Brexit.

World February 03, 2018

Turkey moves to push back Kurds in Syria

Trump and the FBI memo. Berlusconi possible kingmaker. Germany close to coalition decision.

News January 27, 2018

Big business chases industry super partnerships

After decades spent unchallenged as lenders of capital, the major banks find themselves rivalled by union-run superannuation funds. Now big business is going to the funds for investment.

World January 27, 2018

Trump’s second year commences with chaos

Winter Olympics freeze North Korea tensions. TPP back on.

World December 23, 2017

President Trump: A year in the strife

Trump's tax bill. Ramaphosa elected ANC leader. Capital punishment abounds.

World December 16, 2017

Nuance needed with China

Problems with One Belt One Road. Democrat wins Alabama senate seat. Australian silence on Nobel Peace Prize.

World December 09, 2017

Trump’s shopping list of provocations

Mike Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI; Yemeni leader killed; the Chinese spy scare.

World December 02, 2017

Kim’s missile testing back in world’s sights

North Korea explores bitcoin investment; defence white paper.

World November 25, 2017

Trump returns North Korea to terror list

No government yet for Germany. Mugabe quits. US against Australian scientist's involvement in nuclear weapons program.

World November 18, 2017

Trump gladhanded then worked around

Mugabe under house protection. Exaggerating Australia's military successes. Australian navy in Red Sea. Ireland debates remaining in EU.

World November 11, 2017

Princes in the tower: Saudi house arrests

Trump tours Asia as tax bill hits at home. British sex scandal could derail Brexit.

World November 04, 2017

China ready to take advantage of Trump

Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos charged. Europe swinging to the right.

World October 28, 2017

China welcomes era of Xi Jinping

Election win for Shinzō Abe. Thai king farewelled. Still no government comment on ICAN's Nobel peace prize.

World October 21, 2017

Is Xi the new Mao or China’s Brezhnev?

Another term likely for hawkish Shinzō Abe. Trump puts Iran deal in hands of congress. Jacinda Ardern becomes NZ's prime minister. Tsar Nicholas scandal shows Putin loyalty.

World October 14, 2017

Despite Trump, Iran nuclear deal working

Possible Yemen role for RAN. 4-star ambassador for Australia.

World October 07, 2017

Commander-in-chaff Trump’s wayward messages

Trump's wayward messages on Puerto Rico and North Korea. Catalan protests growing. UN committee rejects West Papua petition.

World September 30, 2017

United States hoist by its own dotard

Shinzō Abe seeks military mandate. Australia’s support for Iran deal. Germany’s far-right party splits.

World September 23, 2017

Far-right surge may spell end for Merkel

Jacinda Ardern gets Labour closer in NZ. Kurds seeking state. Aung San Suu Kyi evasive on Rohingya.

World September 16, 2017

Suu Kyi’s precarious position on Rohingyas

North Korea crisis eases. Singapore gets first female president. Elgin Marbles in Brexit play.

World September 09, 2017

North Korea’s H-bomb threat

Rohingya tragedy; Kenya back to polls; Submarine corruption arrests in Israel; Timor Sea breakthrough.

World September 02, 2017

Rex Tillerson stepping back from Trump?

Trump pardons sheriff; Samsung heir jailed; China’s trouble finding military recruits.

World August 26, 2017

Donald Trump ups the ante on Afghanistan troops

Xi Jinping keeps economy pumped up; South Koreans in favour of going nuclear; Australia under US ‘umbrella’.

World August 19, 2017

US will have to deal with Kim going nuclear

Australia staunch on US defence ties. Korean War legacy. Trump in civil war territory. Tony Jones's book reignites Balkan hostilities

World August 12, 2017

Trump threatens ‘fire and fury’ against North Korea

US cautious on Marawi action; Sara Netanyahu facing indictment for misusing funds.

World August 05, 2017

John Kelly moves to White House chief of staff

Talisman Sabre and US strategy; new head of defence; Boris Johnson addresses Lowy Institute dinner.

World July 28, 2017

Xi Jinping moves against rival

Timor poll results; Indian editor quits over Adani.

Travel July 29, 2017

Through the Balkans

Travelling the Balkan borderlands from Serbia to Greece is a navigation of the bristling enmities of the former Yugoslavia.

World July 22, 2017

Intel report nothing to write Home about

Political turmoil in Brazil and South Africa; Vale Liu Xiaobo; Extra voters in PNG poll.

World July 15, 2017

The father, the son and the Hillary ghost

Putin masterful at G20; Russian hacking stops cybersecurity talks with US; PNG election monitors quit.

News July 08, 2017

George Soros’s university under fire in Hungary

Michael Ignatieff, head of the Central European University in Budapest, is fighting an attempt to have the George Soros-funded private institution thrown out of Hungary by its authoritarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán.

World July 08, 2017

North Korea’s missile tests expand horizons

North Korea’s missile tests; Iraq and Syria after Daesh; Obama in Indonesia; Malaysian fraud case.

World July 01, 2017

Saudi ultimatum for Qatar has echoes of war

Xi Jinping visits Hong Kong on 20th anniversary. Brandis and Dutton push 'Five Eyes' on encryption. Australian Defence secretary candidates.

World June 24, 2017

Duterte wants Daesh out by Ramadan’s end

Kurds could fight for Iraqi homeland; US hawks eye Iran forces in Syria; PNG elections begin

World June 17, 2017

Britain joins US in socialist revival

Brexit talks begin; Trump not welcome in London, but Canberra keen; China’s online crackdown on arts news.

News June 10, 2017

Merkel’s pragmatism may not deliver West from downslide

While many in the West are turning to Angela Merkel’s Germany for leadership in the face of Trump’s America, the chancellor is more a pragmatic politician than a visionary.

World June 10, 2017

Paris accord with US may outlast Trump

May Day at the UK elections; Qatar cut off by Saudi, Egypt, Bahrain and UAE.

World June 03, 2017

Europe must control its own fate: Merkel

Merkel steps up in EU and Germany; Trump returns to family crisis; More Australian troops to be sent to Afghanistan.

World May 27, 2017

Weapons deal repays Trump’s Saudi pivot

Trump singles out Iran on terror; Trump in Israel; Jared Kushner next in Russian link investigation.

Opinion May 20, 2017

Settling the maritime borders with Timor-Leste

“A maritime boundary fixed according to the best geological and legal principles would be an investment in Australia’s relationships with its region. In the short term, it would be a huge boost for the increasingly embattled secular-nationalist government …”

World May 20, 2017

Widespread dismay at Trump intelligence

Donald Trump’s “Russian Thing”, Syria’s “de-escalation zones”, China’s One Belt One Road initiative, North Korea and the WannaCry ransomware attack

World May 13, 2017

FBI probe lands its director in firing line

Security agencies get $321 million budget boost; Just the start for Macron; Jakarta governor jailed for two years.

World May 06, 2017

Trump plays low-key for Turnbull visit

Macron favourite in French poll; Hamas gets new charter; Visa changes upset India, NZ.

World April 29, 2017

Donald Trump’s grandiose Mexico promise hits a wall

China calls for US restraint; Macron and Le Pen into election second round; Turnbull committed on Afghanistan.

World April 22, 2017

France prepares to put Le Pen to paper

France goes to the polls; Baswedan elected Jakarta governor; Korean missile fails.

News April 15, 2017

China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ project a new journey to the West

China is attempting to reshape global trade through massive development projects across the old Silk Road of central Asia. But some fear it will bring economic disaster.

World April 15, 2017

Seoul searching as Trump, Kim face off

US and North Korea face off; Reaction to Syria’s chemical attack; Australia helps Japan with new spy agency: Novel ideas on Chinese diplomacy.

World April 08, 2017

Putin’s allies dispute Syria link to St Petersburg bomber

Bashar al-Assad denies responsibility for chemical attack; Xi Jinping visiting Mar-a-Lago; Donald Trump diplomacy.

World April 01, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull pulls China treaty ratification

Arabs paying price for US bungling; Hamas changes policy; Britain begins exit from European Union.

News March 25, 2017

Turkish cleric Gülen’s Australian supporters fear reprisals

Fethullah Gülen has become enemy No. 1 of President Erdoğan of Turkey, leaving the US-based Muslim cleric’s supporters, including those in Australia, fearful for their livelihoods and freedom.

World March 25, 2017

The everyday tools of the modern terrorist

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Australia; Rex Tillerson in Asia; FBI denies wire-tapping Trump Tower.

World March 18, 2017

Roles reverse as US turbulence continues

Asia-Pacific hotbed; Dutch elections.

World March 11, 2017

Dutch election likely to deliver instability

Europe shaky as elections loom; Washington's Kremlingate grows; North Korean missile message.

World March 04, 2017

Trump says opponents behind hate crimes

Putin's presdiential rivals brave; Saudi's King Salman visits Indonesia; Geert Wilders' mixed ancestry

World February 25, 2017

New security adviser pro ‘hearts and minds’

Russian ties to US property deals; Benjamin Netanyahu's Australian visit

World February 18, 2017

Flynn out as Russian connections linger

Kim Jong-un’s brother murdered; Jokowi’s hopes for Jakarta governor; Lú-Olo poised in Timor-Leste

World February 11, 2017

‘Beautiful new planes’ for US armed forces

Netanyahu plans to visit Australia; IMF damns PNG; Jakarta test in gubernatorial elections

World February 04, 2017

Turnbull stays shtum as Trump message changes

Bannon fodder; Fanning flames of anti-Muslim views; Wall Street falters

Travel February 04, 2017

Shin Hinomoto, Tokyo

Beneath one of Tokyo’s busiest train lines is an izakaya bar run by an expat Englishman, the inheritor of his Japanese family’s long-running deal in the city’s famous fish market.

World January 28, 2017

Trump’s presidency begins with a bang not a whimper

Focus on US marines in Darwin; testing times ahead; Brexit tensions.

World December 24, 2016

Peace more polarised as terror takes reins

Unholy conflict; China warning shot; Ahok judgement; Euro loses currency

World December 17, 2016

Putin pal Tillerson to steer foreign policy

Last bastion falls; Donor cabals; Trump credit chaos; Erdoğan angles; ABC pulls Pacific short-wave plug

World December 10, 2016

China hawks in Donald Trump team behind Taiwan call

Taiwan trade risk; NZ friendlier for seasonal workers from Pacific Islands; Italy’s PM resigns.

World December 03, 2016

Europe elections may follow Brexit–Trump trend

South Korea’s Park offers to fall on her sword; China eyes change; James Curran forecasts less united states.

World November 26, 2016

APEC awaits Donald Trump’s plans for trade pacts

President-elect chooses candidates for key posts; vale Des Ball.

World November 19, 2016

Shinzō Abe tries to get a read on US-Japan alliance

Third arrow misfire; Vlad-handing; LDP bloodline flows Down Under; Trump’s Razzie.

World November 12, 2016

Donald Trump rides the end of the American Dream

Asia surprised at Trump win; ANZUS as usual.

World November 05, 2016

US faces increase of white patriot games following Bundy acquittal

Asia-Pacific chaos; upping the ante for American allies.

World October 29, 2016

Duterte words offend West’s commentariat

Royal Thais in bind; African nations quit Hague crime court

World October 22, 2016

China arrests threaten Packer’s Barangaroo

What happens to Mosul after Daesh?; Hillary Clinton plays Donald Trump in final debate; Julian Assange’s internet outage.

World October 15, 2016

Rude awakening for Trump’s supporters

Trump’s locker-room talk hits support; Republicans stand back from candidate; Russian hacks not helping; South Australian citizens contributing to nuclear debate.

World October 08, 2016

US hangs up on Russia over Aleppo bombing

Trump and Clinton recruit former CIA chiefs; Insiders vie to be Jakarta’s governor; Referendum blues in Hungary and Colombia

Opinion October 01, 2016

What really happens at Pine Gap

“Of Pine Gap's 54 antennas, why can’t we have one or two working for us before the bomb goes off? We should be searching for JI members who log in on any system, anywhere, any time.”

World October 01, 2016

Russia and The Australian’s Greg Sheridan call win for Trump

US unclear on nuclear first strike; deadlier weapons heading to Aleppo; The Hague orders Australia into mediation with Timor-Leste over maritime boundary.

World September 24, 2016

Syrian truce over as aid convoy bombed

US bill for wars estimated at $5 trillion; Putin gains more seats; Anti-immigrant party joins Berlin’s local parliament; Labour activist found guilty after Thai factory exposé

World September 17, 2016

Australia to work with Russia in Syria

US buzzes Korea; Cosying up to Brits; Clinton’s ill tidings; Russia’s Trump card

World September 10, 2016

China tightens grip on its citizens abroad

Chinese donations scare overblown; Building with LegCo; Trumputin hacks; Riady to come clean

News September 03, 2016

Timor-Leste backing oil development before Hague ruling

Timor-Leste’s leaders are at odds over progressing with plans for a huge oil and gas project despite the uncertain outcome of talks in The Hague over maritime boundaries.

World September 03, 2016

Flexible communists to host world leaders

US, China rivalry a key EAS focus; Pivot turns sour; Asia shake-up as old foes get closer

World August 27, 2016

People’s tribunal finds Australia guilty over nuclear weapons

Weasel words at UN working group; Turkish president moves to head off Kurds; Russia ‘shows off’.

World August 20, 2016

Scott Morrison pulls the plug on China Ausgrid deal

Hong Kong writer’s column suspended by economic journal; Rape atrocity in South Sudan may lift UN presence; Ruddock needs updating for new human rights role.

News August 13, 2016

The military ponders the Thai royal succession

Does the imminent ascension to the throne of Thailand’s playboy prince Vajiralongkorn make it more or less likely the military junta will loosen its grip on power?

World August 13, 2016

Al-Qaeda affiliates renounce jihadism

India’s bold GST; Japan’s succession; Thai Prince Duntroon links; Kim goes for gold

World August 06, 2016

Trump hands out no party favours

Suu Kyi offers olive branch to ethnic rebels; Wiranto appointment a baffling Joko twist; Rudd still a chance

News July 30, 2016

Q&A with international peacemaker José Ramos-Horta

At the forefront of Timor-Leste’s fight for independence, José Ramos-Horta remains an active figure in world politics. He shares his thoughts on Kevin Rudd, hypocrisy over maritime borders and making another bid for the Timorese presidency.

World July 30, 2016

Clinton v Trump campaign begins

Conciliatory Akihito to stand down; Tony Jones blunders on myth of ‘Croatian Six’; Always smile at a crocodile; Jokowi restores tough minister

World July 23, 2016

Nice terror, police killings fuel global right’s message of fear

Republicans drop ‘two-state’ solution; Erdoğan consolidates power after coup; envelope journalism by app.

World July 16, 2016

Hague rules against China’s ‘9-dash line’

Abe targets Japan’s pacifist constitution; North Korean anger over US missile base in South Korea; New British prime minister Theresa May.

World July 09, 2016

Chilcot Report drops bomb on Tony Blair and British Labour

Ruling on China’s maritime claims; Ramadan ends with suicide attacks; Hillary Clinton questioned by FBI; two women vying for Tory leadership.

World July 02, 2016

Stinging London looks for a Brexit strategy

Boris dancing?; Nukes subplot; Istanbul attack; Timor recruits US

World June 25, 2016

Anti-foreign sentiment simmering in Australia

China syndrome; Economic Modi-fication; Abbott brigade

World June 18, 2016

Anti-immigrant nostalgia has Brexit in with a chance

Pollies return fire; gunmakers’ stocks up, 22 die each day; Guthrie’s world view.

World June 11, 2016

Hillary v Donald: lines blur for conservatives

UN turns blind eye on Saudi record in Yemen conflict; Saudi prince’s plan to wean kingdom off oil.

World June 04, 2016

Strange bedfellows in battle for Fallujah

Fairfax Sinos on; Chewing the Fat; Trying to reset the spinster cycle

World May 28, 2016

Taxing times as tech giants shift profits

Asia ‘pivot’ wanes; Not so ‘One China’; Israel tensions flare

World May 21, 2016

Asia’s drought crisis may lead to water wars

CSIRO cuts could affect Antarctic rights; New chairman for Golkar party; China’s efforts at total control

World May 14, 2016

Rodrigo Duterte election amid South China Sea volatility

Tense times over nuclear deterrence; Hong Kong closing ranks on financial transparency; Kalashnikov to have a clothing line.

World May 07, 2016

Republicans brace for The Donald’s candidacy

Philippine Trump; Kim Jong-un gets the party started; Daesh bans opium; Panama corral

World April 30, 2016

French subs builder’s record of corruption

Offshore troops still in the shadows; Trump swaps gimmicks for cynic

World April 23, 2016

Republicans consider turning to the Force

PNG’s police farce; BRICS bats; Our man in Manila

World April 16, 2016

Japanese unlikely to supply our submarines

Malcolm Turnbull treads warily in China on trade; legal net closes on PNG’s PM Peter O’Neill; peace moves in Middle East

World April 09, 2016

Rich and famous left to wear Panama hack

Wealthy ‘countries’ unto themselves; Sanders and Cruz win Wisconsin; all eyes on downed Syrian jet.

World April 02, 2016

Pakistan army ploys come back to haunt

Syria conundrum; HK publishers brought to book; Fishy business in South China Sea; GOP gunning for an Ohio showdown

World March 26, 2016

Trump, Wilders drop bombshells after Brussels blasts

Unmade seabeds in Timor-Leste; Egypt stays quiet on student’s death; China has a case of the Ips.

World March 19, 2016

Donald Trump’s finger closer to the button

Russia withdraws in Syria; Aung San Suu Kyi’s shadow; Indonesia’s proxy war

World March 12, 2016

Turkish President Erdoğan edits out Zaman’s bad press

Republicans have some primary concerns; border guards on Timor-Leste; US bombers coming Australia’s way.

World March 05, 2016

US Republicans consider trumping Donald Trump

Moves to recapture Mosul from Daesh; high Iran poll turnout; Malaysian PM Najib Razak’s millions.

World February 27, 2016

Donald Trump, Boris Johnson shake pillars of stability

Tory ranks divided over Brexit strategy; Daesh still a target; RAN submarine bids; Ugandan election arrest; literary notes from the Middle East.

World February 20, 2016

Vladimir Putin seeks gains amid limits of Syrian ceasefire

US Supreme Court hangs in balance; trouble in PNG and Fiji.

News February 13, 2016

China cracks down on Hong Kong publishers

China’s abduction and arrest of publishers of scandalous books in Hong Kong is being seen as a brazen challenge to the ‘one country, two systems’ arrangement.

World February 13, 2016

Vladimir Putin’s Aleppo air strikes a boost for al-Assad

North Korea causes security headaches for China; Sanders and Trump in New Hampshire.

World February 06, 2016

Iowa poll favourite Trump can’t take a trick against Cruz

Syria strategy; elections in Vanuatu, Myanmar and Vietnam; Putin anxiety.

World January 30, 2016

First stop, Iowa, as primaries get started

Demographic insecurity. Australian submarine tender.

News January 23, 2016

Turnbull’s change of tone in foreign affairs

Malcolm Turnbull’s visits to Washington and elsewhere continue his reshaping of the tone of Australia’s foreign policy, away from Tony Abbott’s bullish moralising.

World January 23, 2016

Ominous crackdown on Hong Kong publishers

Taiwan elects first female leader. Iran free to reopen oil markets.

World December 19, 2015

Coal comfort from Paris climate talks

Is Le Pen mightier than accord?; Coming up Trump; Ki-moon descends but will Kevin rise?; Farewell to scholar Benedict Anderson; Super spy story

World December 12, 2015

Terrorism helps France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen

Our dynamic duo in Washington; mine shakedown claims rock Jakarta; Japan-China rail battle gains speed.

World December 05, 2015

Turnbull’s new team changes foreign tack

Challenge to Philippine presidential candidate Grace Poe. Japan resumes whaling. Vanuatu corruption claims a third of parliament. Yemeni island bans popular narcotic.

News November 28, 2015

Maritime arrangements and Timor-Leste’s oil ploy

As Timor-Leste continues its dispute with Australia over oil and gas resources, the tiny nation risks blowing its budget on a giant white elephant.

World November 28, 2015

Paris prepares for new climate order and escape clauses

Russia under increasing fire; Thailand’s human rights wrongs.

World November 21, 2015

Terrorism experts say: Don’t fall for it

Daesh turns to soft targets; Western security stretched; Enlist defectors, says think tank; Seeking solutions to Syrian hotbed.

News November 14, 2015

Myanmar power plays ahead for NLD leader Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi looks set to be the backseat driver of Myanmar’s next government. Unravelling a half-century of military control and cronyism now awaits her.

World November 14, 2015

Globe-trotting PM Malcolm Turnbull faces detention ire

GOP faithful falling; Modi dealt a blow in Bihar poll; Netanyahu visits Washington; writings land Iranian poets lengthy jail terms.

World November 07, 2015

Myanmar power beckons for Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD party

China boosts KMT; Turkish Kurds used in election; Hague to ponder South China Sea disputes; CCP members’ golf ban

News October 31, 2015

James Packer’s Macau casinos suffer setbacks

With China’s anti-corruption campaign biting hard on his Macau casinos, James Packer is trying to spread his bets elsewhere.

World October 31, 2015

Clinton connections come back to haunt

US Navy makes point to China; Turkey's presidential election; China's Confucius Peace Prize

News October 24, 2015

Q&A with Brian Schmidt, Nobel laureate and ANU’s new vice-chancellor

As incoming vice-chancellor of the Australian National University, Nobel prize winner Brian Schmidt has a clear vision of how to take Australian achievements into the stratosphere.

World October 24, 2015

Conservatives reel as Justin Trudeau wins Canadian election

Fresh Taliban threat; US looks to do deal with Pakistan; Jokowi’s first year.

World October 17, 2015

No farewell to arms as Syria mobilises

PNG economy slides further; black days in India as anti-Muslim sentiment rages; Mahathir hypocrisy; China tempers North Korea slurs.

World October 10, 2015

Robb holds firm over Big Pharma in TPP

Delicate China; No dice on rice.

World October 03, 2015

Vladimir Putin lifts Russian presence in the Middle East

Kunduz captured; US loses control but Obama soars; drug ship queries; Train gets navy intel back on track.

World September 26, 2015

Labour rules may work against ChAFTA

TPP a farmers’ market; US asks Xi to stop Chinese hackers; Freedom and kleptocracy; Putin’s hand in Syria

News September 19, 2015

Q&A with Stephen FitzGerald, Australia’s first China ambassador

As both sides of politics tussle over the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement, the father of diplomatic relations with Beijing laments our current lack of vision when dealing with Asia.

World September 19, 2015

Turnbull and Bishop in existential talks

Malcolm less bullish on China; Putin boosts Assad; ALP to follow British Labour’s left turn?; Singapore’s Lees

World September 12, 2015

RAAF to bomb Syria as refugees flood out

Iran deal close; China also loose on Pacific War history; Ugandan president ducks and swerves Sydney rival

News September 05, 2015

Steve Killelea on the Global Peace Index

Entrepreneur Steve Killelea talks about his Global Peace Index, a comparison of nations including factors such as prison populations and ease of access to small arms.

World September 05, 2015

Compassion in face of EU refugee crisis

Syria in firing line; Egypt’s hard line on journos remains; Indonesia cuts no-go zone red tape.

World August 29, 2015

PM Tony Abbott answers his own call to fight in Syria

Reshuffling before Myanmar election; Canada’s hardline prime minister.

World August 22, 2015

Thai bomb possibly aimed at military PM

Abe king-hit; Rajapaksa’s decline; Loving Yew

World August 15, 2015

All eyes on Japan’s Shinzō Abe for VP Day anniversary

China’s economy baffles the experts; ABC changes overseas; what Princely reward for Charles?

World August 08, 2015

Will US power plan put wind up Abbott?

Discord over TPP dispute provision; Sub smokescreen; Key latches on to British royalty

World August 01, 2015

Multisided conflict behind enemy lines in Middle East

Sri Lankan polls; heads roll over 1MDB scandal; Russia to host clash of tank titans.

World July 25, 2015

How do you solve a problem like Jakarta?

Shinzo Abe battles history; Myanmar presidential elections.

World July 18, 2015

Iran nuclear deal in the sights of critics

Alexis Tsipras’s big fat Greek debt; Aung San Suu Kyi’s party plan; Cattle cuts payback

World July 11, 2015

China’s harrowing lesson in capitalism

‘No’ vote opens door to drachma; Malaysian PM in financial scandal; Asia’s same-sex sensibilities

World July 04, 2015

Greece set to sail on a new odyssey

Obama on the line to keep Putin at bay; nation-building by another name.

World June 27, 2015

TPP trade deal now racing towards vote

Japan surveys Spratly Islands. Sifting terrorists from anti-IS corps; UN reports possible Gaza war crimes; US muscles up in Eastern Europe; Timor-Leste spy saga.

World June 20, 2015

Indonesian alliance hardly warming up

Canada flexes passport muscle; Pope Francis wants to cut fossil fuels; Trump adds colour amid dynasties

World June 13, 2015

Australia called to Hague on Timor Gap

India’s energy company scandals; Greenpeace targeted in India; Tension in PNG over Bougainville; Balibo 5 appointment

World June 06, 2015

Right’s Rand Paul talks down data laws

Bernardi speaks against Abbott’s ‘power creep’. Terror talk of citizenship oath unsettles migrants. Nuclear Iran deal affects IS fight. Emboldened Eurosceptics evoke ‘Anglosphere’.

World May 30, 2015

Trouble looms between US, China in Shangri-La talks

Headaches ahead over B-1 bombers; IS and Ramadi mirror Mad Max; Hong Kong press freedom and judicial threats; ABC Tokyo bureau closure untimely; Hello Kitty’s 40th.

World May 23, 2015

Might of the West looks lacking against the Islamic State

Assad regime genocide fears; Rohingya crisis is a test of ASEAN strength.

World May 16, 2015

Julie Bishop faces test over execution of foreign aid cuts

Jokowi strengthens Papua relations; Singapore’s new media predicament; tense days in the Middle East.

World May 09, 2015

Bougainville future hangs in balance

Australian links to Texas shooting. Opium’s new highs.

World May 02, 2015

UK Labour Party stands clear of Murdoch

Greek ‘gambler’ out. Abe minces words. Rebuilding Nepal. Jokowi’s death row.

World April 25, 2015

British intel expert joins Abbott review

Agencies hack foreign states. Xi’s Pakistan deal. Kudos for NZ Anzacs.

News April 18, 2015

Japan and US enclose Chinese coast within sensor net

The US and Japan have quietly cornered the Chinese navy with an undersea surveillance ring that is framing Australia’s defence policy.

World April 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s presidency bid two-edged for Australia

Julie Bishop in Iran. Australian soldiers face turmoil in Iraq. Mahathir calls out Najib Razak.

World April 11, 2015

Final touches close in Iran nuclear deal

Bishop and Zarif talks; Greek bailout beyond even Putin; Jokowi holds hopes for Chan and Sukumaran.

News April 04, 2015

Sydney man running for Ugandan presidency

Sydney-based doctor Aggrey Kiyingi hopes to unseat Uganda's dictator president.

World April 04, 2015

Yemen Shia uprising threatens Iran nuclear deal

Nigeria elects former coup leader; US banning gays on religious grounds; India’s free speech; capital punishment.

World March 28, 2015

Glowing tributes for Malcolm Fraser and Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew played to win; Netanyahu shores up foreign allies; ASIS to train Japanese spies.

Travel March 28, 2015

Myanmar’s new tourist wave

Myanmar is finding its feet as a tourist destination, and the best way to take advantage is to leave the ground.

World March 21, 2015

Vanuatu’s Cyclone Pam disaster exposes aid cuts

Illegals undermine seasonal labour; Asia-Pacific policy adrift; Israel election.

World March 14, 2015

Chinese feel less zen over growth targets

TPP concerns; Iran nuclear treaty; US dodges push to recapture Tikrit; Capital punishment double standards

World March 07, 2015

Foreigners fall guys as Joko stands firm

Netanyahu’s speech to US congress; Nemtsov's death blow to hopes of change in Russia.

World February 28, 2015

PM’s missteps on Muslim co-operation

IS social media skills overstated; Malaysia wants Villawood murderer

World February 21, 2015

Bali delays not from death row diplomacy

Police target KPK. Papua little changed. Did Sri Lanka arm terrorists?

News February 14, 2015

Former diplomat Michael Thawley takes top govt job

A defender of the Iraq war, who also saw off an inquiry into the AWB scandal, the new head of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet will nonetheless be willing to ask the tough questions.

World February 14, 2015

Time to strip PM Abbott’s war-making power

Bali clemency push; Malaysia regresses; Thai military rule makes US uneasy; Delhi in vote against Modi

World February 07, 2015

PM Tony Abbott fights critics by donning flak jacket

Jokowi’s execution smokescreen; unease between Iran, the US and Israel.

World January 31, 2015

Myanmar’s hesitant steps to catch up

Suu Kyi’s resurgence. Patchy reforms. Buddhist violence. Thai ‘prison’ boats.

World January 24, 2015

New India posting big economic scores

Abbott abroad; LNG fails PNG; Tamil abuse report.

World December 20, 2014

Oil price plunge provides crude benefits amid Middle East unrest

Russian rouble falls; rupiah slide hits Golkar chairman; poor polls for Shinzō Abe; gun lobbyist weighs in on siege.

News December 13, 2014

PNG PM dragged into corruption scandals

Papua New Guinea’s corruption scandals continue to dog its government, and threaten to envelop Prime Minister Peter O’Neill as he courts Australian investors.

World December 13, 2014

Economists doubt Shinzō Abe’s reform plan

China defies Hague over sea dispute; CIA’s damning torture report; Disney, Skype on Luxembourg tax list.

World December 06, 2014

OPEC pulls global market levers again

China setbacks in HK and Taiwan. Third divorce for Thai prince? Sri Lankan elections.

World November 29, 2014

Hagel’s toast as holes in US policy worsen

Iran nuke deal delayed. Netanyahu bill controversy in Israel. Cracks in Sri Lankan Freedom Party. Modi's wife comes forth.

World November 22, 2014

China FTA cushions emissions pledge blow

Abbott coaches on two percenters. Obama’s time running out on Iran’s nuclear deal.

World November 15, 2014

Japan and China agree to disagree

Luxembourg tax dodgers leaked; Japan’s history wars claim scalp; Abbott’s hairy-chested adviser.

World November 08, 2014

APEC, East Asia Summit and the G20 summits bring leaders to Asia Pacific

And China looks to the past for inspiration.

World November 01, 2014

Obama’s grim outlook in congressional midterm elections

TPP’s prospects rise. Jokowi’s cabinet echoes Megawati.

World October 25, 2014

Whitlam’s China coup incomparable

Balibo Five case a bipartisan albatross. Death penalty in Asia.

World October 18, 2014

Our free trade agenda unlikely to excite G20

Threat to reporters rings alarm bells; Asian Islamic nations shut out IS; Australian tutting over HK protesters.

World October 11, 2014

Tony Abbott unmoved by African cries for Ebola help

Time for words, not just bombs. A masterclass from China’s Xi.

World October 04, 2014

Beijing digs in as HK fights for democracy

Abbott should not forget Jakarta; Cambodia asylum-seeker option just adds to cruelty.

World September 27, 2014

New security rules for Australia as ‘terror war’s front line’

Islamic State targets youth on social media. Putin may avoid his Brisbane reckoning.

World September 20, 2014

War on opinion polls leads us back to Iraq

Iraq venture has eye on domestic politics. Industry support doesn’t include submarines. US action on Ebola.

World September 13, 2014

Abbott always faithful to US Marine Corps

Love thy neighbour as Canberra flatters Timor-Leste; Indonesian assassination case still unresolved; all eyes on the Scottish ayes.

World September 06, 2014

Islamic State may deliver Kurdistan

Sunni support vital in Iraq; Hong Kong elections; Singaporean discontent

News August 30, 2014

Bainimarama campaigning on the road

Fiji’s prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, is facing his first elections since seizing power in 2006. The strongman’s campaign road trip of expat communities found him in Sydney’s battler belt.

World August 30, 2014

Conflicts reveal Arab Spring tensions

Ultra-realism on Gaza’s prospects; New ambassador for Indonesia; Macau casino staff up stakes.

World August 23, 2014

Missouri riots shine light on race inequity

It’s only spying if you get caught; Terror’s new wave; Hitler rides again in Indian politics

World August 16, 2014

Everyone’s sights on missile defence plans

PLA's march south; India fretting over Pakistani power; Fiji's Commodore hits the hustings; O Abbott, where art thou?

World August 09, 2014

Xi keeps rubbery grip on corruption purge

Gaza and how it came to this, again; the T-word is finally admitted in Washington.

World August 02, 2014

Netanyahu plays into the hands of Hamas

Adelaide may lose subs; ASIO files reveal AFP link to Yugoslav intelligence.

World July 26, 2014

Yudhoyono flexes muscles one last time

Bishop's UN move an adroit gambit; Hanoi ponders oil rig removal tactics; North Korea airs China frustration.

World July 19, 2014

Iran’s finger on the button of nuke deal

The wrong time to admire martyrdom; soft treatment for 'psycho' Prabowo.

News July 12, 2014

Joko Widodo’s new deal

Will a vote away from elite patronage-based leadership ease Indonesia’s often-touchy relationship with Australia?

World July 12, 2014

Honest Abe must lead on new militarism

Clinton wins neocon approval; Buddhist violence in Myanmar; out of the blue threat to Union Jack.

World July 05, 2014

Australian defence exercises with South Korea and US

Australian forces in South Korea. China’s HK warnings. US spooks.

Opinion July 05, 2014

Prabowo Subianto threatens to win Indonesian election & restore autocracy

On the eve of the Indonesian elections, the victory of a dangerous relic of the Suharto regime is worryingly likely.

World June 28, 2014

Holding Iraq together is taxing Obama’s skills

Julie Bishop to visit Myanmar; climate weighing on US business.

World June 21, 2014

The collapse of Iraq

Has the US project to reshape Iraq failed? Here are the origins of the state’s internal divisions, and the advent of ISIS, a group thought too radical even by al-Qaeda.

World June 21, 2014

A polite meeting, but clearly not of the minds

Modi courts Japan; thinking local in Indonesia.

World June 14, 2014

Obama not feeling the love of his usual allies

PNG's LNG debut; mines in spotlight; digging deep on Freeport deal.

News June 07, 2014

The underground economy of fracking

The US experience provides a glimpse of our potentially prosperous but unsettling future, if we let loose a gas and oil fracking boom.

World June 07, 2014

Unwelcome comic timing for Abbott trip

Modi gets tough; gas price pressure; Jokowi team casts shadowy figures; more than a few blips in search for MH370.

World May 31, 2014

European austerity breeds far-right support

China snares deal for Russian gas; Thai coup won’t inspire Myanmar’s democracy; candidates in Indonesia get dirty; Guinea-Bissau shows how democracy is done.

Opinion May 31, 2014

China’s slow boil in the Pacific

“Is China the new post-Bismarckian Germany, a century on, challenging the dominant sea power of our age?”

World May 24, 2014

India looks to Modi to restore the economy

Two-horse race for president. King’s longevity holds the answer. Watching Korea. Transmission cut.

World May 17, 2014

Getting caught between the global superpowers

Malcolm Fraser's call to step back from US alliance a welcome prompt for rethinking our Pacific engagement

Economy May 10, 2014

Indonesia grows rich waiting for an apology

Indonesia named the world's 10th largest economy, with China meanwhile predicted to emerge as the world's largest economy by the end of this year.

World May 03, 2014

Rebel rancher Cliven Bundy no longer right’s hero

Slave rant prompts fall from grace; conservatives see red over inequality claims; superannuation funds cheer buried treasures.

World April 26, 2014

Xi Jinping ups power grab with anti-corruption drive

Power plays; Chinese navy's video takes off; new broom sweeps away Snowden leaks; DFAT goes back to the ’80s on Burma.

World April 19, 2014

Jokowi favourite in Indonesia but can he do it alone?

Could Joko Widodo form workable coalition? India’s election. CIA director visits Ukraine. US to carve better TPP deal.

World April 12, 2014

Probe into CIA may shake Canberra

Spotlight on NSA. Taiwan’s sunflower protests defy China. Will HK get direct elections?

World April 05, 2014

Philippines stands up to might of China

Minnow flexes muscle; Obama red-faced; billionaire backing; Australia’s Antarctica claims; Japanese submarines may return to our seas.

Economy April 05, 2014

Abbott and Abe to influence US decision on TPP

Asia's newest odd couple might help Obama get trade agreement over the line.

World March 29, 2014

Wilting Britain fast becoming a global wallflower

Britain no longer Europe's go-to power; Jokowi set for a landslide but remains a mystery; Japan PM shores up support of national broadcaster.

World March 22, 2014

Crimea ‘in Russia’s heart, not its sights’, says Putin

Waxing emotional to the Duma; Obama banks on IMF; helping Putin's numbers; China feeling nervous; MH370 mystery sounds alarm bells

World March 15, 2014

US protesters urge Obama to act on Ukraine

US flounders. Gas industry response. Laser changes. Rudd’s long-term plan.

World March 08, 2014

Diplomacy required in Ukraine

Diplomacy in the Ukraine. US defence cuts. Submarine program. China’s Ukraine response.

World February 28, 2014

Tony Abbott and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Demystifying the TPP; Abbott’s labo(u)r man in Washington; life after SBY.