Hamish McDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s world editor.  

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World May 21, 2016

Asia’s drought crisis may lead to water wars

CSIRO cuts could affect Antarctic rights; New chairman for Golkar party; China’s efforts at total control

World May 14, 2016

Rodrigo Duterte election amid South China Sea volatility

Tense times over nuclear deterrence; Hong Kong closing ranks on financial transparency; Kalashnikov to have a clothing line.

World May 07, 2016

Republicans brace for The Donald’s candidacy

Philippine Trump; Kim Jong-un gets the party started; Daesh bans opium; Panama corral

World April 30, 2016

French subs builder’s record of corruption

Offshore troops still in the shadows; Trump swaps gimmicks for cynic

World April 23, 2016

Republicans consider turning to the Force

PNG’s police farce; BRICS bats; Our man in Manila

World April 16, 2016

Japanese unlikely to supply our submarines

Malcolm Turnbull treads warily in China on trade; legal net closes on PNG’s PM Peter O’Neill; peace moves in Middle East

World April 09, 2016

Rich and famous left to wear Panama hack

Wealthy ‘countries’ unto themselves; Sanders and Cruz win Wisconsin; all eyes on downed Syrian jet.

World April 02, 2016

Pakistan army ploys come back to haunt

Syria conundrum; HK publishers brought to book; Fishy business in South China Sea; GOP gunning for an Ohio showdown

World March 26, 2016

Trump, Wilders drop bombshells after Brussels blasts

Unmade seabeds in Timor-Leste; Egypt stays quiet on student’s death; China has a case of the Ips.