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is The Saturday Paper’s world editor.  

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World February 13, 2016

Vladimir Putin’s Aleppo air strikes a boost for al-Assad

North Korea causes security headaches for China; Sanders and Trump in New Hampshire.

World February 06, 2016

Iowa poll favourite Trump can’t take a trick against Cruz

Syria strategy; elections in Vanuatu, Myanmar and Vietnam; Putin anxiety.

World January 30, 2016

First stop, Iowa, as primaries get started

Demographic insecurity. Australian submarine tender.

News January 23, 2016

Turnbull’s change of tone in foreign affairs

Malcolm Turnbull’s visits to Washington and elsewhere continue his reshaping of the tone of Australia’s foreign policy, away from Tony Abbott’s bullish moralising.

World January 23, 2016

Ominous crackdown on Hong Kong publishers

Taiwan elects first female leader. Iran free to reopen oil markets.

World December 19, 2015

Coal comfort from Paris climate talks

Is Le Pen mightier than accord?; Coming up Trump; Ki-moon descends but will Kevin rise?; Farewell to scholar Benedict Anderson; Super spy story

World December 12, 2015

Terrorism helps France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen

Our dynamic duo in Washington; mine shakedown claims rock Jakarta; Japan-China rail battle gains speed.

World December 05, 2015

Turnbull’s new team changes foreign tack

Challenge to Philippine presidential candidate Grace Poe. Japan resumes whaling. Vanuatu corruption claims a third of parliament. Yemeni island bans popular narcotic.

News November 28, 2015

Maritime arrangements and Timor-Leste’s oil ploy

As Timor-Leste continues its dispute with Australia over oil and gas resources, the tiny nation risks blowing its budget on a giant white elephant.