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News October 31, 2015

James Packer’s Macau casinos suffer setbacks

With China’s anti-corruption campaign biting hard on his Macau casinos, James Packer is trying to spread his bets elsewhere.

World October 31, 2015

Clinton connections come back to haunt

US Navy makes point to China; Turkey's presidential election; China's Confucius Peace Prize

News October 24, 2015

Q&A with Brian Schmidt, Nobel laureate and ANU’s new vice-chancellor

As incoming vice-chancellor of the Australian National University, Nobel prize winner Brian Schmidt has a clear vision of how to take Australian achievements into the stratosphere.

World October 24, 2015

Conservatives reel as Justin Trudeau wins Canadian election

Fresh Taliban threat; US looks to do deal with Pakistan; Jokowi’s first year.

World October 17, 2015

No farewell to arms as Syria mobilises

PNG economy slides further; black days in India as anti-Muslim sentiment rages; Mahathir hypocrisy; China tempers North Korea slurs.

World October 10, 2015

Robb holds firm over Big Pharma in TPP

Delicate China; No dice on rice.

World October 03, 2015

Vladimir Putin lifts Russian presence in the Middle East

Kunduz captured; US loses control but Obama soars; drug ship queries; Train gets navy intel back on track.

World September 26, 2015

Labour rules may work against ChAFTA

TPP a farmers’ market; US asks Xi to stop Chinese hackers; Freedom and kleptocracy; Putin’s hand in Syria

News September 19, 2015

Q&A with Stephen FitzGerald, Australia’s first China ambassador

As both sides of politics tussle over the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement, the father of diplomatic relations with Beijing laments our current lack of vision when dealing with Asia.