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is The Saturday Paper’s world editor.  

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World June 27, 2015

TPP trade deal now racing towards vote

Japan surveys Spratly Islands. Sifting terrorists from anti-IS corps; UN reports possible Gaza war crimes; US muscles up in Eastern Europe; Timor-Leste spy saga.

World June 20, 2015

Indonesian alliance hardly warming up

Canada flexes passport muscle; Pope Francis wants to cut fossil fuels; Trump adds colour amid dynasties

World June 13, 2015

Australia called to Hague on Timor Gap

India’s energy company scandals; Greenpeace targeted in India; Tension in PNG over Bougainville; Balibo 5 appointment

World June 06, 2015

Right’s Rand Paul talks down data laws

Bernardi speaks against Abbott’s ‘power creep’. Terror talk of citizenship oath unsettles migrants. Nuclear Iran deal affects IS fight. Emboldened Eurosceptics evoke ‘Anglosphere’.

World May 30, 2015

Trouble looms between US, China in Shangri-La talks

Headaches ahead over B-1 bombers; IS and Ramadi mirror Mad Max; Hong Kong press freedom and judicial threats; ABC Tokyo bureau closure untimely; Hello Kitty’s 40th.

World May 23, 2015

Might of the West looks lacking against the Islamic State

Assad regime genocide fears; Rohingya crisis is a test of ASEAN strength.

World May 16, 2015

Julie Bishop faces test over execution of foreign aid cuts

Jokowi strengthens Papua relations; Singapore’s new media predicament; tense days in the Middle East.

World May 09, 2015

Bougainville future hangs in balance

Australian links to Texas shooting. Opium’s new highs.

World May 02, 2015

UK Labour Party stands clear of Murdoch

Greek ‘gambler’ out. Abe minces words. Rebuilding Nepal. Jokowi’s death row.