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is a Walkley Award-winning foreign correspondent.  

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World October 10, 2015

Robb holds firm over Big Pharma in TPP

Delicate China; No dice on rice.

World October 03, 2015

Vladimir Putin lifts Russian presence in the Middle East

Kunduz captured; US loses control but Obama soars; drug ship queries; Train gets navy intel back on track.

World September 26, 2015

Labour rules may work against ChAFTA

TPP a farmers’ market; US asks Xi to stop Chinese hackers; Freedom and kleptocracy; Putin’s hand in Syria

News September 19, 2015

Q&A with Stephen FitzGerald, Australia’s first China ambassador

As both sides of politics tussle over the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement, the father of diplomatic relations with Beijing laments our current lack of vision when dealing with Asia.

World September 19, 2015

Turnbull and Bishop in existential talks

Malcolm less bullish on China; Putin boosts Assad; ALP to follow British Labour’s left turn?; Singapore’s Lees

World September 12, 2015

RAAF to bomb Syria as refugees flood out

Iran deal close; China also loose on Pacific War history; Ugandan president ducks and swerves Sydney rival

News September 05, 2015

Steve Killelea on the Global Peace Index

Entrepreneur Steve Killelea talks about his Global Peace Index, a comparison of nations including factors such as prison populations and ease of access to small arms.

World September 05, 2015

Compassion in face of EU refugee crisis

Syria in firing line; Egypt’s hard line on journos remains; Indonesia cuts no-go zone red tape.

World August 29, 2015

PM Tony Abbott answers his own call to fight in Syria

Reshuffling before Myanmar election; Canada’s hardline prime minister.