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Travel March 28, 2015

Myanmar’s new tourist wave

Myanmar is finding its feet as a tourist destination, and the best way to take advantage is to leave the ground.

World March 21, 2015

Vanuatu’s Cyclone Pam disaster exposes aid cuts

Illegals undermine seasonal labour; Asia-Pacific policy adrift; Israel election.

World March 14, 2015

Chinese feel less zen over growth targets

TPP concerns; Iran nuclear treaty; US dodges push to recapture Tikrit; Capital punishment double standards

World March 07, 2015

Foreigners fall guys as Joko stands firm

Netanyahu’s speech to US congress; Nemtsov's death blow to hopes of change in Russia.

World February 28, 2015

PM’s missteps on Muslim co-operation

IS social media skills overstated; Malaysia wants Villawood murderer

World February 21, 2015

Bali delays not from death row diplomacy

Police target KPK. Papua little changed. Did Sri Lanka arm terrorists?

News February 14, 2015

Former diplomat Michael Thawley takes top govt job

A defender of the Iraq war, who also saw off an inquiry into the AWB scandal, the new head of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet will nonetheless be willing to ask the tough questions.

World February 14, 2015

Time to strip PM Abbott’s war-making power

Bali clemency push; Malaysia regresses; Thai military rule makes US uneasy; Delhi in vote against Modi

World February 07, 2015

PM Tony Abbott fights critics by donning flak jacket

Jokowi’s execution smokescreen; unease between Iran, the US and Israel.