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is a Walkley Award-winning foreign correspondent.  

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News February 14, 2015

Former diplomat Michael Thawley takes top govt job

A defender of the Iraq war, who also saw off an inquiry into the AWB scandal, the new head of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet will nonetheless be willing to ask the tough questions.

World February 14, 2015

Time to strip PM Abbott’s war-making power

Bali clemency push; Malaysia regresses; Thai military rule makes US uneasy; Delhi in vote against Modi

World February 07, 2015

PM Tony Abbott fights critics by donning flak jacket

Jokowi’s execution smokescreen; unease between Iran, the US and Israel.

World January 31, 2015

Myanmar’s hesitant steps to catch up

Suu Kyi’s resurgence. Patchy reforms. Buddhist violence. Thai ‘prison’ boats.

World January 24, 2015

New India posting big economic scores

Abbott abroad; LNG fails PNG; Tamil abuse report.

World December 20, 2014

Oil price plunge provides crude benefits amid Middle East unrest

Russian rouble falls; rupiah slide hits Golkar chairman; poor polls for Shinzō Abe; gun lobbyist weighs in on siege.

News December 13, 2014

PNG PM dragged into corruption scandals

Papua New Guinea’s corruption scandals continue to dog its government, and threaten to envelop Prime Minister Peter O’Neill as he courts Australian investors.

World December 13, 2014

Economists doubt Shinzō Abe’s reform plan

China defies Hague over sea dispute; CIA’s damning torture report; Disney, Skype on Luxembourg tax list.

World December 06, 2014

OPEC pulls global market levers again

China setbacks in HK and Taiwan. Third divorce for Thai prince? Sri Lankan elections.