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is a Walkley Award-winning foreign correspondent.  

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World November 01, 2014

Obama’s grim outlook in congressional midterm elections

TPP’s prospects rise. Jokowi’s cabinet echoes Megawati.

World October 25, 2014

Whitlam’s China coup incomparable

Balibo Five case a bipartisan albatross. Death penalty in Asia.

World October 18, 2014

Our free trade agenda unlikely to excite G20

Threat to reporters rings alarm bells; Asian Islamic nations shut out IS; Australian tutting over HK protesters.

World October 11, 2014

Tony Abbott unmoved by African cries for Ebola help

Time for words, not just bombs. A masterclass from China’s Xi.

World October 04, 2014

Beijing digs in as HK fights for democracy

Abbott should not forget Jakarta; Cambodia asylum-seeker option just adds to cruelty.

World September 27, 2014

New security rules for Australia as ‘terror war’s front line’

Islamic State targets youth on social media. Putin may avoid his Brisbane reckoning.

World September 20, 2014

War on opinion polls leads us back to Iraq

Iraq venture has eye on domestic politics. Industry support doesn’t include submarines. US action on Ebola.

World September 13, 2014

Abbott always faithful to US Marine Corps

Love thy neighbour as Canberra flatters Timor-Leste; Indonesian assassination case still unresolved; all eyes on the Scottish ayes.

World September 06, 2014

Islamic State may deliver Kurdistan

Sunni support vital in Iraq; Hong Kong elections; Singaporean discontent