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News July 12, 2014

Joko Widodo’s new deal

Will a vote away from elite patronage-based leadership ease Indonesia’s often-touchy relationship with Australia?

World July 12, 2014

Honest Abe must lead on new militarism

Clinton wins neocon approval; Buddhist violence in Myanmar; out of the blue threat to Union Jack.

World July 05, 2014

Australian defence exercises with South Korea and US

Australian forces in South Korea. China’s HK warnings. US spooks.

Opinion July 05, 2014

Prabowo Subianto threatens to win Indonesian election & restore autocracy

On the eve of the Indonesian elections, the victory of a dangerous relic of the Suharto regime is worryingly likely.

World June 28, 2014

Holding Iraq together is taxing Obama’s skills

Julie Bishop to visit Myanmar; climate weighing on US business.

World June 21, 2014

The collapse of Iraq

Has the US project to reshape Iraq failed? Here are the origins of the state’s internal divisions, and the advent of ISIS, a group thought too radical even by al-Qaeda.

World June 21, 2014

A polite meeting, but clearly not of the minds

Modi courts Japan; thinking local in Indonesia.

World June 14, 2014

Obama not feeling the love of his usual allies

PNG's LNG debut; mines in spotlight; digging deep on Freeport deal.

News June 07, 2014

The underground economy of fracking

The US experience provides a glimpse of our potentially prosperous but unsettling future, if we let loose a gas and oil fracking boom.