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is a Walkley Award-winning foreign correspondent.  

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World June 07, 2014

Unwelcome comic timing for Abbott trip

Modi gets tough; gas price pressure; Jokowi team casts shadowy figures; more than a few blips in search for MH370.

World May 31, 2014

European austerity breeds far-right support

China snares deal for Russian gas; Thai coup won’t inspire Myanmar’s democracy; candidates in Indonesia get dirty; Guinea-Bissau shows how democracy is done.

Opinion May 31, 2014

China’s slow boil in the Pacific

“Is China the new post-Bismarckian Germany, a century on, challenging the dominant sea power of our age?”

World May 24, 2014

India looks to Modi to restore the economy

Two-horse race for president. King’s longevity holds the answer. Watching Korea. Transmission cut.

World May 17, 2014

Getting caught between the global superpowers

Malcolm Fraser's call to step back from US alliance a welcome prompt for rethinking our Pacific engagement

Economy May 10, 2014

Indonesia grows rich waiting for an apology

Indonesia named the world's 10th largest economy, with China meanwhile predicted to emerge as the world's largest economy by the end of this year.

World May 03, 2014

Rebel rancher Cliven Bundy no longer right’s hero

Slave rant prompts fall from grace; conservatives see red over inequality claims; superannuation funds cheer buried treasures.

World April 26, 2014

Xi Jinping ups power grab with anti-corruption drive

Power plays; Chinese navy's video takes off; new broom sweeps away Snowden leaks; DFAT goes back to the ’80s on Burma.

World April 19, 2014

Jokowi favourite in Indonesia but can he do it alone?

Could Joko Widodo form workable coalition? India’s election. CIA director visits Ukraine. US to carve better TPP deal.