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World April 19, 2014

Jokowi favourite in Indonesia but can he do it alone?

Could Joko Widodo form workable coalition? India’s election. CIA director visits Ukraine. US to carve better TPP deal.

World April 12, 2014

Probe into CIA may shake Canberra

Spotlight on NSA. Taiwan’s sunflower protests defy China. Will HK get direct elections?

World April 05, 2014

Philippines stands up to might of China

Minnow flexes muscle; Obama red-faced; billionaire backing; Australia’s Antarctica claims; Japanese submarines may return to our seas.

Economy April 05, 2014

Abbott and Abe to influence US decision on TPP

Asia's newest odd couple might help Obama get trade agreement over the line.

World March 29, 2014

Wilting Britain fast becoming a global wallflower

Britain no longer Europe's go-to power; Jokowi set for a landslide but remains a mystery; Japan PM shores up support of national broadcaster.

World March 22, 2014

Crimea ‘in Russia’s heart, not its sights’, says Putin

Waxing emotional to the Duma; Obama banks on IMF; helping Putin's numbers; China feeling nervous; MH370 mystery sounds alarm bells

World March 15, 2014

US protesters urge Obama to act on Ukraine

US flounders. Gas industry response. Laser changes. Rudd’s long-term plan.

World March 08, 2014

Diplomacy required in Ukraine

Diplomacy in the Ukraine. US defence cuts. Submarine program. China’s Ukraine response.

World February 28, 2014

Tony Abbott and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Demystifying the TPP; Abbott’s labo(u)r man in Washington; life after SBY.