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news November 19, 2016

Shinzō Abe tries to get a read on US-Japan alliance

Third arrow misfire; Vlad-handing; LDP bloodline flows Down Under; Trump’s Razzie.

news November 12, 2016

Donald Trump rides the end of the American Dream

Asia surprised at Trump win; ANZUS as usual.

news November 05, 2016

US faces increase of white patriot games following Bundy acquittal

Asia-Pacific chaos; upping the ante for American allies.

news October 29, 2016

Duterte words offend West’s commentariat

Royal Thais in bind; African nations quit Hague crime court

news October 22, 2016

China arrests threaten Packer’s Barangaroo

What happens to Mosul after Daesh?; Hillary Clinton plays Donald Trump in final debate; Julian Assange’s internet outage.

news October 15, 2016

Rude awakening for Trump’s supporters

Trump’s locker-room talk hits support; Republicans stand back from candidate; Russian hacks not helping; South Australian citizens contributing to nuclear debate.

news October 08, 2016

US hangs up on Russia over Aleppo bombing

Trump and Clinton recruit former CIA chiefs; Insiders vie to be Jakarta’s governor; Referendum blues in Hungary and Colombia

opinion October 01, 2016

What really happens at Pine Gap

“Of Pine Gap's 54 antennas, why can’t we have one or two working for us before the bomb goes off? We should be searching for JI members who log in on any system, anywhere, any time.”

news October 01, 2016

Russia and The Australian’s Greg Sheridan call win for Trump

US unclear on nuclear first strike; deadlier weapons heading to Aleppo; The Hague orders Australia into mediation with Timor-Leste over maritime boundary.