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News April 15, 2017

China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ project a new journey to the West

China is attempting to reshape global trade through massive development projects across the old Silk Road of central Asia. But some fear it will bring economic disaster.

World April 15, 2017

Seoul searching as Trump, Kim face off

US and North Korea face off; Reaction to Syria’s chemical attack; Australia helps Japan with new spy agency: Novel ideas on Chinese diplomacy.

World April 08, 2017

Putin’s allies dispute Syria link to St Petersburg bomber

Bashar al-Assad denies responsibility for chemical attack; Xi Jinping visiting Mar-a-Lago; Donald Trump diplomacy.

World April 01, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull pulls China treaty ratification

Arabs paying price for US bungling; Hamas changes policy; Britain begins exit from European Union.

News March 25, 2017

Turkish cleric Gülen’s Australian supporters fear reprisals

Fethullah Gülen has become enemy No. 1 of President Erdoğan of Turkey, leaving the US-based Muslim cleric’s supporters, including those in Australia, fearful for their livelihoods and freedom.

World March 25, 2017

The everyday tools of the modern terrorist

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Australia; Rex Tillerson in Asia; FBI denies wire-tapping Trump Tower.

World March 18, 2017

Roles reverse as US turbulence continues

Asia-Pacific hotbed; Dutch elections.

World March 11, 2017

Dutch election likely to deliver instability

Europe shaky as elections loom; Washington's Kremlingate grows; North Korean missile message.

World March 04, 2017

Trump says opponents behind hate crimes

Putin's presdiential rivals brave; Saudi's King Salman visits Indonesia; Geert Wilders' mixed ancestry