Hamish McDonald
is The Saturday Paper’s world editor.  

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news March 19, 2016

Donald Trump’s finger closer to the button

Russia withdraws in Syria; Aung San Suu Kyi’s shadow; Indonesia’s proxy war

news March 12, 2016

Turkish President Erdoğan edits out Zaman’s bad press

Republicans have some primary concerns; border guards on Timor-Leste; US bombers coming Australia’s way.

news March 05, 2016

US Republicans consider trumping Donald Trump

Moves to recapture Mosul from Daesh; high Iran poll turnout; Malaysian PM Najib Razak’s millions.

news February 27, 2016

Donald Trump, Boris Johnson shake pillars of stability

Tory ranks divided over Brexit strategy; Daesh still a target; RAN submarine bids; Ugandan election arrest; literary notes from the Middle East.

news February 20, 2016

Vladimir Putin seeks gains amid limits of Syrian ceasefire

US Supreme Court hangs in balance; trouble in PNG and Fiji.

news February 13, 2016

China cracks down on Hong Kong publishers

China’s abduction and arrest of publishers of scandalous books in Hong Kong is being seen as a brazen challenge to the ‘one country, two systems’ arrangement.

news February 13, 2016

Vladimir Putin’s Aleppo air strikes a boost for al-Assad

North Korea causes security headaches for China; Sanders and Trump in New Hampshire.

news February 06, 2016

Iowa poll favourite Trump can’t take a trick against Cruz

Syria strategy; elections in Vanuatu, Myanmar and Vietnam; Putin anxiety.

news January 30, 2016

First stop, Iowa, as primaries get started

Demographic insecurity. Australian submarine tender.