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World October 08, 2016

US hangs up on Russia over Aleppo bombing

Trump and Clinton recruit former CIA chiefs; Insiders vie to be Jakarta’s governor; Referendum blues in Hungary and Colombia

Opinion October 01, 2016

What really happens at Pine Gap

“Of Pine Gap's 54 antennas, why can’t we have one or two working for us before the bomb goes off? We should be searching for JI members who log in on any system, anywhere, any time.”

World October 01, 2016

Russia and The Australian’s Greg Sheridan call win for Trump

US unclear on nuclear first strike; deadlier weapons heading to Aleppo; The Hague orders Australia into mediation with Timor-Leste over maritime boundary.

World September 24, 2016

Syrian truce over as aid convoy bombed

US bill for wars estimated at $5 trillion; Putin gains more seats; Anti-immigrant party joins Berlin’s local parliament; Labour activist found guilty after Thai factory exposé

World September 17, 2016

Australia to work with Russia in Syria

US buzzes Korea; Cosying up to Brits; Clinton’s ill tidings; Russia’s Trump card

World September 10, 2016

China tightens grip on its citizens abroad

Chinese donations scare overblown; Building with LegCo; Trumputin hacks; Riady to come clean

News September 03, 2016

Timor-Leste backing oil development before Hague ruling

Timor-Leste’s leaders are at odds over progressing with plans for a huge oil and gas project despite the uncertain outcome of talks in The Hague over maritime boundaries.

World September 03, 2016

Flexible communists to host world leaders

US, China rivalry a key EAS focus; Pivot turns sour; Asia shake-up as old foes get closer

World August 27, 2016

People’s tribunal finds Australia guilty over nuclear weapons

Weasel words at UN working group; Turkish president moves to head off Kurds; Russia ‘shows off’.